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BigCommerce with Becosoft

Linking BigCommerce with Becosoft and enabling real-time data sharing has never been easier. Develop, govern, and orchestrate all your system integrations from one flexible middleware solution.

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BigCommerce and Becosoft

Build fast, flexible, and scalable integrations!

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The Alumio API Plugin
for BigCommerce
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The Alumio API Plugin
for Becosoft
is available!

Alumio is a flexible cloud-native, low-integration integration platform. It helps integrate two or multiple systems, SaaS, cloud apps, and data sources, without custom code, with real-time data exchange, and via one user-friendly web interface.

Configure the BigCommerce and Becosoft connection

Alumio connectors are packages of pre-configured software data that make it easy to integrate them with other popular software. Using an Alumio connector via the Alumio integration platform (iPaaS), businesses can integrate an application with two or more apps within a few weeks.

Modify or transform integrations

Use the advanced features of Alumio to map and transform data, in order to build highly customizable integrations.

Detect integration errors

Automate real-time error detection with the robust in-built monitoring and logging system of Alumio.

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I think the great stability and flexibility of a platform like Alumio is a great benefit, which is getting increasingly important for every e-commerce developer. It certainly helps to adopt new technologies like Composable Commerce. Another good thing about the Alumio platform is that gives you valuable insights.”

Johan Moormann

Owner of Memo ICT
Shopware and Alumio Specialist

Alumio is a future-proof integration solution for us because it gives us the flexibility to add new systems and the possibility to replace our webshop in the future (without loss of data integrity), ensuring our Odoo connections will remain unaffected”

Lolke Koopmans

Project Manager, Heusinkveld

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