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How Alumio helps your business digitalize rapidly!

Make integrations simple for developers and non-developers, such as managers and business heads, with our low-code integration platform.

Seamlessly add or replace software without loss of data integrity, via a user-friendly, web interface to optimize evolving business processes.

Build a scalable IT ecosystem by centralizing all your software and data on a secure cloud space.

Get faster
time to market
Lower operational
& compliance

Benefits of Alumio

Get faster time to market

Rapidly deploy or replace integrations with new software solutions or cloud apps to optimize rapidly evolving business processes.

Lower operational costs

Avoid outsourcing costs, work with junior developers, and save on significant development and troubleshooting costs.

Workflow automation

Automate, streamline, and schedule business processes to reduce manual labour and improve business performance.

Security & compliance

Detect integration errors with monitoring & logging and comply with privacy legislation like GDPR.

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