Build digital-first, data-driven ecosystems

from one cloud-native platform!

Connect any systems, SaaS, apps, and data sources

Automate processes and real-time data exchange

Integrate it all from one flexible, low-code interface

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platform works for…

Build faster and more flexible integrations with Alumio connectors!

Build low-code integrations swiftly

Create, monitor, and manage all connections using simple click-and-configure options.

Control and automate data flows flexibly

Get flexible mappers and transformers to customize integrations to suit evolving business needs.

Get automated monitoring and logging

Detect integration errors, API conflicts, and data inconsistencies in real-time with alerts.

Build omnichannel e-commerce with the best software integrations!

Get faster time to market

Rapidly integrate new cloud apps, PIM, CRM, Channel Marketing, and more systems with our connectors, within a few weeks!

Reduce operational costs

Automate workflows and synchronize data between all connected systems to eliminate data entry and inefficiencies in your product lifecycle.

Improve order fulfillment

Integrate your e-commerce systems with ERPs, POS, WMS systems, and more to reduce your returns and boost order fulfillment.

Digitalize and automate your supply chain with the best software integrations!

Migrate old systems and data

Seamlessly integrate legacy systems or ERP with new cloud apps and SaaS, using our connectors.

Integrate your B2B or D2C webshop

Connect your supply chain with e-commerce, CRM, WMS systems, online marketplaces, and more.

Connect partner & supplier data with EDI

Connect the data and systems of all partners, suppliers, and customers using standard custom protocols and formats such as JSON, Edifact, X12, CSV, XML, cXML.

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