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Saad Merchant
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Organizing a future-proof and integrated data ecosystem for Morssinkhof

Morssinkhof Groep
Business challenge
Integrating a fragmented application landscape and getting full visibility into all data flows and integrated systems.
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About Morssinkhof

Morssinkhof Groep is a family of companies comprising Morssinkhof Infra, Brinkman brick center, and Tuinvisie. Priding themselves on giving a positive boost to the streetscape and public environment in the Netherlands, they are suppliers of concrete civil engineering and ornamental paving products, as well as paving stones and facing bricks. While Morssinkhof Infra supplies an extensive range of concrete products, Brickman brick center supplies paving bricks, decorative paving, facing bricks, and roof tiles, whereas Tuinvisie is a manufacturer, importer, and supplier of a wide range of garden hardware.

Why Morssinkhof chose Alumio

One of the biggest challenges that the Morssinkhof Groep faced was a fragmented IT landscape, wherein several applications were loosely linked by vendor-owned software. Eventually, their attempts at using other software solutions to integrate these scattered applications led to a black box scenario, which refers to a lack of transparency or interpretability of processes. This meant that every time there were errors, Morssinkhof never had clear visibility into the source of the issue and had to rely on their software vendor to resolve their challenges. This led them to change their application integration strategy.  

Looking for a central integration solution that was transparent, user-friendly, and could serve as a single source of truth, Morssinkhof discovered the Alumio integration platform. The flexibility, visibility, and scalability of the API-led, low-code integration platform that Alumio provided gave them the agility that they were looking for to be adaptive in the rapidly evolving SaaS and cloud app landscape.

What Alumio helped Morssinkhof integrate

Using the Alumio cloud-native integration platform, Morssinkhof started swiftly integrating its application landscape. This included connecting their ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations), e-commerce platform (Shopware), PIM & MDM system (SRC), and most importantly, their decorative paving industry software called Smart Stone by Troublefree.

Apart from helping Morssinkhof swiftly integrate these applications, Alumio provides a user-friendly, low-code web interface to create, manage, and monitor all these integrations, which both developers and non-technical business users can easily interpret and collaborate on. This gives Morssinkhof full visibility into all the data flows exchanged between all integrated applications. Additionally, as an API-driven solution, Alumio provides the flexibility to seamlessly connect any new application(s) to existing integrated systems without losing data integrity.

Alumio has helped make integrations simple for Morssinkhof to the point that they can now train their internal resources to govern their integrations via the integration platform. However, for more complex and specialized integration challenges, Morssinkhof has chosen to work with Inteqrate, Alumio partners and integration specialists. Inteqrate helps Morssinkhof build special customizations, optimize workflows, and leverage the Alumio platform effectively.

Connected endpoints

How Morssinkhof used the Alumio platform

With Alumio, Morssinkhof automates processes and real-time data exchange across all integrated systems. This includes the exchange of optimized product images (from the PIM system), real-time stock (from ERP to e-commerce), order processing (from e-commerce to ERP), prices (updated every day), and much more.

Morssinkhof has also built its own Alumio Storage in order to prevent constant calls to the ERP system and to improve its performance. Needing to perform a real-time stock check on around 5000 products every 15 minutes, they noticed a delay within their ERP system. This was solved by making an intermediate table that processes everything according to the orders from the webshop in order to compare recent changes. Another crucial task that was automated via Alumio was the automatic resizing of product pictures before they were sent to the webshop.

Alumio has become the focal point of Morssinkhof’s application ecosystem, “like the spider in the web,” as they like to call it. Instead of having 25 scattered applications, Morssinkhof uses Alumio to connect and synchronize them all seamlessly. Now, any application with an API that wants to link with Morssinkhof's systems has to go through Alumio. Their future plans with Alumio include building integrations with their ATS/HR systems (also on Microsoft Dynamics 365), their time-tracking system, and a possible connection with a data warehouse for advanced analytics. As a result, Alumio has emerged as a core driver in Morssinkhof’s larger digital transformation journey.

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Morssinkhof Groep
Alumio vivid purple colored quotation sign, a visual indicator of a quote following on this page.
Morssinkhof Groep
Alumio vivid purple colored quotation sign, a visual indicator of a quote following on this page.
Alumio isn’t "Jip en Janneke” (nursery-level), but it makes integrations simple for anyone with a little technical background. There's useful support info and demo material to work with. Most importantly, the platform gives us full visibility into all our integrations and makes it easy to solve most challenges without partner support.
Tom Visser
Information Manager, Morssinkhof Groep
Saad Merchant
Copywriter at Alumio
Saad has a decade's worth of experience in writing all kinds of content for digital marketing mediums. At Alumio, he became fascinated with the idea of application integrations. He now enjoys "integrating" all his marketing experience to explain how Alumio works in a way that's fun, inventive, and easy to understand. On a personal level, he's busy attempting to integrate his passion for philosophy, anime, gaming, fiction, cinema, food, and the art of good conversation.
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