Performance Insights

Alumio gives companies a clear insight into potential capabilities and possible limitations. Alumio’s business model has defined a performance model for small, mid-size, and enterprise companies.

Performance on all facets

Network & Infrastructure

Hosting is an important aspect that influences the scalability of the platform.

Performance Architecture

Alumio built a robust software application to be a ‘no-code’ application.

Alumio's Performance Reports

The performance of subscribing and publishing data explained.


Network & Infrastructure

A scalable solution delivered in your region

Hosting is an important aspect that influences the scalability of the platform. Alumio is a scalable solution that works seamlessly with the open-source system "Kubernetes" and is equipped with high-performance hosting infrastructures that are ready for worldwide rollout to international enterprise companies.

High performance software architecture

Maximize responsiveness, automation, and efficiency

Organizations across industries trust Alumio to deliver 100% uptime, process thousands of transactions per second, and support thousands of cloud-native Alumio environments.

Start small, grow smart

Be scalable as your business grows.

Always on

Alumio delivers 99.95%+ uptime and guarantees the reliability of the software endpoints.

Rapidly fast

Performance by design. Alumio is built for high traffic use cases.

Performance Reports

Proven solution for high traffic

Discover several use cases explained and performance reports for our cloud-native integration platform.

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