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Seamless integrations with Magento

Our company has evolved from a traditional retailer to a multichannel eCommerce leader. We’ve rapidly grown to one of Europe’s largest outdoor and leisure stores. The Alumio integration platform gave us the ability to re-platform and scale our business, reaching our high ambitions. We’re very pleased to have this solution in place to gear up for the future.”

Wil Salden

Head of e-commerce, Obelink

Great partnership

Alumio gives us the ability to develop an integrated e-commerce platform that’s even better, faster, more flexible, and more reliable. With Alumio we were able to deeply integrate our custom ERP. A very flexible robust connection between systems makes Jac Hensen online much more agile for the future. We can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for Alumio and Magento.”

Jos Pieters

CTO, Jac Hensen

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