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ShoeStories creates a unique omnichannel experience for brides

Building a seamlessly connected customer experience

ShoeStories, founded in 2020, is the worldwide market leader in bridal shoes in Europe with a 55% share! "Every shoe, a different story, that's what ShoeStories stands for."

ShoeStories wanted to provide a consistent and unique experience across channels to keep up with the changing customer preferences. With the rise of social media, brides interact with brands and bridal stores across various channels. For example, a bride can see the perfect outfit on Instagram or visit a web store to find out more about this perfect outfit and other accessories. But that customer might eventually choose to buy the dress or shoes in another store nearby or search online for the product elsewhere. 

This type of multichannel shopper is a potential danger for the current strong position of ShoeStories—where it is currently the leader when it comes to bridal shoes.

ShoeStories identified this potential gap in the customer journey and wanted to improve it remove the risk. They wanted to give the customer the ability to buy the product they want at any given point. To create this seamless experience, ShoeStories provide an active approach when it comes to presenting the data from Instagram stories (video, product, and lifestyle) and products on Google Shopping and marketplaces to being connected to all the bricks-and-mortar bridal shops, getting all of the customer data into its channel.



Shopware 6 is applied as the eCommerce platform and is the leading platform for the fashion industry. It delivers extreme flexibility for creating content (drag and drop), making it quick and easy to create a storytelling digital shopping experience.


Reflecta's XL-ENZ ERP is a fully integrated order and production processing system used by more than 200 renowned brands. Reflecta's customers are mainly fashion-based looking for a suitable ERP system that can easily merge into a reliable contemporary total solution.


Together with WeProvide, we made it possible to create a seamless omnichannel experience that is ready for the future.


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"A foundational architecture, which governs and drives the transformation to fully offer a unique omnichannel experience through API interfaces."


Alumio iPaaS ensures you are ready for the future. Our robust and flexible infrastructure paves the way to easily connect new or change platforms. In other words, Alumio scales alongside your business meaning you can upgrade and change any software solution.

Lower cost of ownership

Our connector seamlessly integrates systems like an ERP or an eCommerce platform, and many more, without any compromise. We can do this because Alumio is a middleware solution and our broad spectrum of supported web services means you can integrate systems with ease.

Ready for the future

Building a future-proof infrastructure

The new infrastructure is robust and flexible. Many of the essential data streams already run through the Alumio platform. In the meantime, the ecosystem is becoming increasingly connected and expanding. The foundation is built to introduce new platforms via Alumio. It is this flexible adaptability of Alumio that makes Obelink's IT ecosystem future-proof. Because whatever digital trends you look at: from chatbots to new social platforms and markets, from big data to social media to omnichannel andInternet of Things, everything revolves around data. Everything starts with connecting your data and applications in a smart way with new applications. Data is one of the most valuable assets of a modern company. It deserves a dedicated platform. Having the power to effectively connect new platforms is a huge competitive advantage. Alumio gives Obelink that possibility, so that we connect not only with today's applications, but also with the many that are yet to come.

Why ShoeStories chose Alumio

A summary of reasons and benefits

Delivery 3 times faster rollout to the market.

Unique API driven omnichannel experience for the bridal shoe market.

A foundational architecture with scalable infrastructure and software interchangeability.

Future-proof integration for all of the software and endpoints.

"We thank WeProvide for their excellent work on the website, creating a responsive, customer-friendly experience and journey."