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Accelerating Heusinkveld's Integrations and Data Exchange

Written by
Saad Merchant
Published on
May 24, 2023

Heusinkveld are pioneers in developing cutting-edge race simulation solutions from the Netherlands, founded by a group of enthusiasts passionate about creating realistic and immersive driving experiences, using state-of-the-art technology. Some of the products that Heusinkveld offers include Sim Racing pedals, shifters, and handbrakes, which are all designed to provide a realistic driving experience. The company's products are used by sim racers all over the world from amateurs to professional drivers who use simulators for training and preparation.

As a leading company in the Sim Racing hardware industry, Heusinkveld sells its renowned pedals, shifters, and handbrakes all over the world, partly by resellers, yet with a lot of their sales coming through their e-commerce webshop that was built on WooCommerce. In order to manage and streamline their online products, sales, and region-wise distribution better, Heusinkveld decided to implement Odoo as their main ERP for the integrated business solutions it offers.

The integration challenges that led Heusinkveld to choose Alumio

At this point, Heusinkveld had two key integration challenges that lead them to discover the Alumio integration platform:

1. They needed a effective integration solution:

Not wanting to change their e-commerce platform that was built on WooCommerce, Heusinkveld needed an integration solution to connect it with their Odoo ERP.

2. They needed flexible data control:

Heusinkveld wanted the flexibility to filter which products from their main inventory appeared on the webshop, and which products they synchronized the stock for between Odoo and WooCommerce.

Alumio - a cloud-native, low-code integration platform - specializing in e-commerce to ERP integrations already had a standard connection to rapidly integrate Heusinkveld’s WooCommerce webshop with their Odoo system. At the same time, to help expedite the configurations to connect both systems, Alumio also introduced Heusinkveld to BlueZebra, from its global network of Alumio integration partners. Being experts in building Odoo integrations using the Alumio integration platform, BlueZebra was able to immediately understand and translate all of Heusinkveld’s integration needs. The entire WooCommerce to Odoo integration, along with all the customizations that Heusinkveld required, was set up within a few months using the Alumio integration platform.

The integration solutions that Alumio provided Heusinkveld

With Alumio, Heusinkveld can now seamlessly filter and update the product data sent from Odoo to their webshop in real-time. The powerful data transformation features of Alumio also helps flexibly modify product data as it seamlessly passes from Odoo to the WooCommerce webshop via Alumio, and as fresh orders come in from the webshop to Odoo through Alumio.

Heusinkveld also built robust monitoring alerts with Alumio, in order to ensure that all the orders that come in through their webshop are properly reflected in Odoo. The monitoring system enables them to receive email alerts immediately if there are an errors, anomalies, or undetected orders across all their connected systems. Alumio also provides a powerful in-built logging system that helps keep track of every single data exchange, which immediately detects integration errors and API conflicts as well.

Building their integrations with the Alumio integration platform enables Heusinkveld to have all their connected systems and data on one scalable platform. This means they can easily replace their integrated systems or add new cloud apps or SaaS solutions, without any loss of data integrity. Also, by centralizing all their data and connections on one secure cloud space, Heusinkveld can now organize a future-proof IT ecosystem with Alumio.

“Alumio is a future-proof integration solution for us because it gives us the flexibility to add new systems and the possibility to replace our webshop in the future (without loss of data integrity), ensuring our Odoo connections will remain unaffected”

- Lolke Koopmans, Project Manager, Heusinkveld

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Odoo is an open source ERP and CRM solution that offers a suite of business apps that manage all a company’s needs such as: customer support, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc. Odoo's unique value proposition is to offer all its business apps as an integrated ecosystem.


WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source e-commerce platform built on WordPress. As one of the most popular content management systems (CMS), it allows users to create and manage an online store directly from their WordPress website. Offering a wide range of features, WooCommerce helps manage products, orders, payments, and shipping, as well as to customize the design and functionality of the store through various plugins and themes.

Why Heusinkveld chose Alumio

✓ Native connectors to build faster integrations

✓ Flexibility to transform data and streamline processes

✓ The ability to change a system without affecting other connected systems

✓ Robust monitoring and real-time error alerts

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