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Enabling Future-Proof SAP Integrations for Pelican Products

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May 13, 2022

Situated in California, United States, employing over 1400 employees, Pelican Products specializes in the design and manufacture of protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. Their product line includes coolers, phone cases, flashlights, and drinkware, to travel gear, and even backpacks. Devoting focus and resources to being sustainable, Pelican Products cases and lights are recyclable and produced to last a lifetime. In their quest to integrate their e-commerce platform with their SAP ERP system, Pelican Products discovered the Alumio integration platform. Apart from bringing over 10 years of experience in developing ERP connectivity to the project, Alumio also helped Pelican Products with its unique Alumio SAP API Plugin solution. The plugin significantly simplifies SAP integrations with SaaS and cloud apps for digital commerce.

Having initially connected their e-commerce platform built on Adobe Commerce with stand-alone accounting software, Pelican Products faced finance and inventory management errors. To tackle this issue and optimize their digital experience, they decided to integrate their e-commerce platform to their ERP, SAP ERP Core Component (SAP ECC). To help with this they brought Corra, a renowned system integrator in the United States, on board.

While researching the most effective way to create the complex e-commerce to ERP integration for Pelican Products, Corra encountered Alumio iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service). They decided that the Alumio integration platform and its powerful SAP API Plugin solution was the best option for them to build the SAP ECC to Adobe commerce integration while ensuring real-time data exchange.

How did the Alumio SAP API plugin speed up the ERP to e-commerce integration? 

In close collaboration, Alumio, Corra, and Pelican Products meticulously approached the project to deliver the integration. Connecting an ERP like Pelican Products' SAP ECC with an e-commerce platform such as Adobe Commerce is challenging. This is because SAP ECC is an on-premises system, and by default, it lacks key B2B & B2C API points or web services required to integrate with SaaS and cloud apps  effectively.

Alumio helped Pelican Products avoid what would usually be a long and expensive bespoke integration project. Using the Alumio API Plugin, they were able o directly install the required web services natively in SAP ECC, enhancing its integration capabilities. After configuring the SAP API Plugin, creating the full-blown Adobe Commerce to SAP ECC integration via the Alumio low-code integration platform was significantly easier.

How did the integration optimize Pelican Products' commerce experience? 

The integration running through the Alumio iPaaS led to a more optimized and real-time e-commerce experience, giving Pelican Products centralized control over their data. This resulted in transparent, reliable, and real-time inventory levels. Now when an order is placed on the Pelican Products website, product availability and prices are synchronized and updated with the latest data available on the ERP. Detailed product information, real-time insights, and stock management are just some of the many other benefits resulting from the integration. More importantly, a proper order process was created to ensure real-time delivery and shipping updates to help their returns process, significantly improving the digital commerce experience for Pelican Products.

Having successfully established a seamless D2C channel for the US & Canada, Pelican Products decided to expand its digital operations in Europe from Spain. After building their future-proof integration with the Alumio iPaaS, they started working with a local system integrator to connect their EU e-commerce site to their SAP back office.



The SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) is a well-known ERP software solution for managing logistics, sales, finance, marketing, customer service, HR, and product planning. These different systems are linked through a customizable system and run via a database of one's choice, allowing connections to customize third-party applications.

Alumio SAP API Plugin

The Alumio SAP API Plugin is an exclusive solution, ensuring key B2B or B2C data points are installed into the default SAP ERP. On being installed, these data points help significantly improve the ERP's ability to integrate with e-commerce, PIM, CRM, or other software. Developed as an SAP-certified ABAP stack, the Alumio API Plugin helps instantly provide data points that would otherwise cost significant time and money to create. It ensures faster ERP integrations via the Alumio iPaaS, which also enables real-time data exchange, synchronization, and flexible data transformation.

Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento)

Adobe Commerce, formerly known as Magento, is a multichannel e-commerce platform based on open-source technology. It enables online merchants to have a flexible shopping cart system and gives them comprehensive control over their online stores' look, content, and functionality. Adobe Commerce, formerly Magento, offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

“The collaborative approach really sparked our interest at Pelican. Both Corra and Alumio approached the integration in a collaborative way, finding answers to our requirements that gave us the confidence that this integration project would be a success”

Why Pelican Products chose Alumio

✓ Enhancing SAP connectivity through a unique API Plugin solution

✓ Creating frictionless customer experience

✓ Establishing a future-proof way to integrate software & systems

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