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Alumio Security & Compliance

Centralize all your integrations and data on our ISO 27001-Certified platform, and comply with privacy regulations like GDPR.

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Build integrations with the highest data security standards!

The Alumio cloud-native, low-code integration platform (iPaaS) helps businesses integrate multiple SaaS, cloud apps, on-premises systems, and data sources in one secure cloud environment. This involves constantly exchanging all kinds of critical data between integrated systems, which may include company information, financial data, PII (personally identifiable information) of customers, and other sensitive data.

As an ISO 27001-Certified integration platform, Alumio implements industry best practices to ensure the highest levels of end-to-end data security and privacy protection of customer data.

The Alumio ISO 27001 Advantage

ISO 27001 is the leading globally recognized standard for information security. It certifies the Alumio integration platform for providing a robust framework for security measures, mitigating risks of data breaches, and providing a future-proof ISMS (Information Security Management System). Most importantly, it stands as a testament that Alumio safeguards sensitive company information and ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This exemplifies Alumio’s commitment to ensure compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR.
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Be privacy-compliant with Alumio!

By centralizing all integrations in one secure cloud environment, the Alumio integration platform provides complete control over data access. The platform also provides its users with a Data Processing Agreement, which outlines data security measures Alumio implements to safeguard personal data. All of this ensures that data being exchanged by integrated systems via the Alumio integration platform is securely handled and processed in accordance with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, SOC2, and more.

What security features does
the Alumio integration platform provide?

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Robust Monitoring
Get real-time visibility into the performance and health of integration processes. Create custom Alerts to get notifications for integration errors, failed tasks, unsuccessful data retrieval, and other anomalies.
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Automated Logging
Get detailed insights into every task and integration workflow, including events, errors, and transactional data. This helps troubleshoot errors swiftly and helps keep track of every single data exchange.
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Role-based access controls
Alumio provides detailed access controls within the platform, allowing administrators to define and manage user permissions based on roles and responsibilities. This prevents unauthorized access to critical features and data.
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Data encryption
The Alumio integration platform utilizes robust encryption protocols to secure data both at rest and in transit. This ensures that sensitive information is safeguarded from unauthorized access or interception.
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Reactivation procedures
In the rare case of downtime, Alumio triggers built-in reactivation processes to get your integration workflows up and running, minimizing disruptions and ensuring business continuity.
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Regular security updates
Apart from adhering to the latest security standards, the Alumio integration platform also undergoes regular platform and security updates to address evolving threats and vulnerabilities.
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Multi-factor authentication
Alumio supports a number of different options or factors for protecting user account access with multi-factor authentication (MFA) such as push, SMS, email, voice notifications, one-time passwords, and more.
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Federated Single-Sign-On
Experience seamless access control with our Federated SSO add-on. Simplifying authentication processes and user access management across integrated systems, we support the following: Enterprise Identity Providers
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Secure VPN Tunnel(s)
Seamlessly integrate on-premises or private cloud-based systems, including legacy ERPs, via a secure VPN tunnel. Alumio provides dedicated cloud-based hosting and a seamless one-time configuration process.

Benefit from AWS security infrastructure

The Alumio “integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)” runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, which delivers hosting in several regions across the globe. Bolstering its platform with AWS security measures, the Alumio integration platform prioritizes data security through secure connections, encryption, and confidentiality in authentication protocols. Alumio is readily accessible in key regions: the EU (Frankfurt) and USA (East). For global business needs, Alumio offers deployment in any Amazon AWS region.
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