Security & Compliance

The security of our product, infrastructure and data is our top priority. Our security and risk management team works according to industry standards and ensures that your data is safe. Security is not only entirely embedded from a technical level, it is in our DNA and integrated into every Alumio process. To ensure our compliance and security meets the high standards we follow, we monitor our platform extensively and non-stop. Our product team develops with the highest security quality standards that are known today. All to keep our customers' data secure.
Key objectives

Security is mission critical

Our integration platform moves data from one system to another, which contains critical information about your company, financial related data and personal and identifiable information (PII) of your customers. The security of your data must be assured.

Alumio secures your integrations and data communications by applying end-to-end monitoring and logging.

Be compliant

Privacy legislation

As a company, you must comply with privacy regulations. The scale and complexity of these regulations is certainly challenging today. Being compliant means that you must be able to demonstrate how you handle data and that you are capable to track and monitor all data.

Alumio gives you configuration capabilities to meet the regulations that apply to your business, ensuring that your complex integration landscape is compliant in a maintainable manner. While Alumio logs and checks in 360 degrees, you can manage your security and compliance as your business grows.

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Security by design

The risk of losing customer data or other delicate information is a companies' worst nightmare. Built upon Google Cloud Platform secured network and infrastructure, Alumio's platform includes security measurements at all layers.  

This three-pronged security approach ensures that your data is never shown to unauthorized parties, remains safe throughput between systems, and that you have access to your data anytime, anywhere wherever you want.

How we've made Alumio secure

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