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Unlock digital growth with our cloud-native integration platform, streamline data exchange in real-time, and build future-proof commerce ecosystems.

Image on the Alumio marketplace, showing the Alumio mascot in a shopping cart boosting the connectivity abilities to the logos displayed to the right of Mio, namely Shopify, Shopware, SAP, Big Commerce, Adobe Commerce aka Magento, WooCommerce, and Microsoft Dynamics.
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Integrate unlimited applications in a future-proof way!

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As an API-driven, low-code integration platform, Alumio is designed to help you integrate any software, app, or database, without custom code, across on-premises and cloud environments. The platform provides advanced integration features to build highly flexible and customizable integrations with any system(s)!

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We offer many connection capabilities:
RestAPI, GraphQL, SOAP, Databases, and filesystems.
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We support many file types:
JSON, Edifact, X12, CSV, XML, cXML.
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We securely authenticate via:
OAuth 2.0, Basic, Bearer token, Wsse, and many more.

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Connect unlimited applications, workflows, and data sources
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Looking to simplify and speed
up ERP integrations with commerce apps?

Simply install the
Alumio API Plugin
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