About Us

Discover the story, values, and different teams behind Alumio.

Our story

Our beginnings go back to twenty years ago when we were a digital agency specializing in integrated solutions between ERP systems and digital software. Alumio emerged out of the need for a solid integration platform that could connect any native or new software. As such, it was designed to “make integrations simple,” to reduce manual labor, prevent the risk of human error, and help businesses unlock their full potential.

Almost two decades later, we keep delivering on our ambitions. Alumio has become a key player in the integration business and a valuable asset to many businesses that have exceeded their digitalization goals thanks to our integration platform.

Even though such significant progress has been made, our story has only just begun.

Our mission

To provide state-of-the-art integration solutions that empower businesses to unlock their full digital potential.

Our vision

To become the leading global integration solution for businesses of all sizes to connect all kinds of technology.

Our culture


At Alumio, we welcome feedback and collaboration as we work towards a shared, common goal that goes beyond individual needs and responsibilities.


We value cultural diversity and celebrate all the different perspectives that enrich our team, rejoicing in the lively exchange of cross-cultural knowledge that characterizes us.


Our company has a horizontal organizational structure comprised of several cross-functional teams of young and energetic Alumions who value respect, honesty, and integrity.


We work in a hybrid manner that provides employees with freedom and autonomy, positively impacting productivity through a healthy work-life balance.

Our teams

Management team

Our Management team is in charge of supervising all of our teams and ensuring the optimal holistic functioning of our organization by determining IT plans, establishing target goals, setting team workflows, and facilitating across-department collaboration. In other words, they keep the wheels of Alumio turning!

Back Office team

Our Back Office is in charge of HR and security matters and works in a collaborative manner to streamline internal processes, execute administrative tasks, and provide internal IT support.

Product Development team

Our Product Development team constantly builds new features and improves existing ones by developing new automation capabilities, boosting performance, improving platform stability and user-friendliness, and constantly upgrading security.

Marketing team

The Alumio Marketing team is responsible for ensuring our product is represented accurately by creating clear, simple, and captivating content to communicate across channels as effectively as possible.

Business Development team

Our Business Development team ensures both our Marketing and Sales efforts reach the right target groups by qualifying leads, providing specific analytics to contextualize and optimize our Marketing activities, and actively engaging with prospective customers.

Sales team

The Alumio Sales team is at the heart of making our product meaningful for customers and their unique business requirements by reaching out to new, relevant leads across industries and acquainting customers with our integration partners.

Customer Success team

While the Alumio iPaaS makes integrations simple, our Customer Success Specialists (CSS) make it simpler for customers to use the platform itself by providing useful answers, tutorials, and workshops.

Customer Support team

The Alumio Customer Support team is formed by software specialists that deliver technical support to our customers as well as to our internal teams, develop connector packages for streamlined integrations, onboard new Alumio user environments, and ensure existing environments are up-to-date.

We are hiring!

Alumio is a human-centered, technology-driven company. We value innovation, and we are always on the lookout for new talent to join our team of professionals.
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