Alumio Architecture

All-in-one Integration Solution for Software & SaaS
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Alumio is the most flexible, multi-point
integration platform built for scalable requirements.

Web services

With an extensive set of web services support, Alumio integrates with thousands of systems. It's capabilities offers out-of-the-box integration, mapping and transformation tools together with a powerful software development kit (SDK). Built, maintain and grow your IT landscape without the cost of an Enterprise Service Bus.

Whether it's connecting via REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, Databases, FTP and so on, Alumio platform gives you the services you need to connect your systems.

Grow your business,
scale your integrations

Built for scalability

Imagine a single tenant, cost friendly cloud solution from which you can quickly start integrating systems, including the ability to let you scale horizontally and roll out your integrations on a global scale. Alumio offers these capabilities, eliminating any potential pitfalls in your ambitions to grow.

Many to many integration

Synchronization patterns

Supporting different synchronization patterns like one-way, bi-directional and many-to-many, Alumio offers you limitless integration capabilities. Combining these capabilities from one platform enables a full scale systems integrations.


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Technical white paper

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