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A leading Symfony-based iPaaS solution!

Discover our highly flexible and scalable integration platform, based on the widely recognized and trusted Symfony PHP framework.

Build scalable, customizable, and future-proof integrations!

An API-driven, low-code integration platform
Looking to accelerate digital transformation by integrating SaaS, systems, cloud apps, and data sources? Discover our API-based “integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)” that enables real-time exchange of data and services between multiple applications on one central hub.
A 3d visualization of the extensive security architecture of the cloud-native Alumio integration platform dashboard.

Introducing Alumio,
a next-gen integration platform!

Alumio is a cloud-native, low-code iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service). It helps create, monitor, and manage integrations via APIs, from one user-friendly web interface. Built on the renowned open-source PHP framework, Alumio is designed to be a highly flexible and developer-friendly modular integration solution.

What is the Symfony framework?

Discover the open-source benefits of the Alumio iPaaS!
Symfony is the leading PHP web application framework that underpins countless web applications and projects. Providing a set of decoupled and reusable components, it stands out for its modularity and extensibility. Allowing developers to select only the components they need simplifies the development process.

Symfony is also highly regarded for its emphasis on security, scalability, and flexibility in database integration. It isn’t just a framework; it’s a community-driven ecosystem that empowers developers to create robust, secure, and efficient web applications.
The Alumio Core

How the Symfony-powered Alumio iPaaS
orchestrates future-proof integrations!

1. Move data
between applications

Use Alumio connectors to swiftly build integrations between multiple systems and facilitate real-time data exchange within your Alumio environment.

2. Map and transform data flexibly

Use advanced mappers and transformers to convert data formats, restructure information, or harmonize data between applications. Think of the Alumio iPaaS as a universal translator for your data.

3. Create integration workflows

Use the Alumio iPaaS to automate repetitive tasks, trigger actions based on predefined conditions, and orchestrate complex workflows effortlessly.

4. Monitor all your

The robust monitoring and logging system of Alumio detects integration errors in real-time. It provides an intuitive dashboard that helps track the health of your integration and you can also setup custom monitoring alerts!
Based on the open-source PHP framework (Symfony), the Alumio iPaaS provides all its cloud-native functionalities. Scale your Alumio environment and computing resources as your integration demands grow.

Why is the Alumio iPaaS the
preferred solution for developers?

A 2D icon showcasing a white code symbol in an Alumio background colored circle
Build scalable API-driven, low-code integrations
Create a majority of integrations without the hassles of custom code, via a user-friendly interface and simple click-and-configure options. Access a rich library of connectors for faster integrations.
A 2D icon showcasing a white API connection symbol in an Alumio background colored circle.
Connect legacy software and on-premises systems
Flexibly integrate newer software with Oracle, IBM, REST, SOAP,  S/FTP, and database connections among others. Rapidly connect on-premises ERP systems like SAP ECC with our ERP API Plugin.
A 2D icon showcasing the Alumio iPaaS customizability abilities.
Transform data and customize integrations
Leverage the power and flexibility of Symfony technology to tackle edge cases. Freely build custom connectors and automate workflows. Implement advanced mappers and transformers.
A 2D icon showcasing a developer symbol in an Alumio background colored circle
Get automated logging for all integrations
The robust logging system of the Alumio iPaaS helps simplify troublemshooting by detecting errors in real-time. It also provides historical analaysis of integrations and visibility into data flows.  

Seamlessly integrate web services

Whether it involves building connections via REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, Databases, FTP, and so on, the Alumio integration platform helps you connect any system. Providing an extensive set of web services support, Alumio integrates with thousands of systems. It provides a rich library of connectors, and a flexible environment for creating custom connections.
A colorful, nicely rendered 3D visualization of the Alumio Marketplace, showcasing that solutions like Sage, Magento, OpenAI, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and many more can easily be integrated via the Alumio marketplace.
A 3D rendered image of Mio, the mascot of Alumio, juggling with colorful, differently shaped blocks with a smile on his face.

Why Alumio?

Be future-proof

with scalable infrastructure and software interchangeability.

Build faster integrations

using connectors and reduce Time to Market by deploying integrations within a few weeks.

Enable high performance

with 360° monitoring, great uptime, data buffering and caching, and reactivation procedures.

Ensure security and privacy compliance

for all your integrations and customer data, in accordance with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, FERPA, HIPPA, and more.

Without Alumio

Risk creating an entangled IT landscape

Data silos

Many disconnected custom-code integrations or third-party point-to-point connections result in fragmented business data.

Lack of visibility

Custom solutions lack integration monitoring capabilities, resulting in notification problems when issues occur.

Negative business impact

Badly connected applications or manual troubleshooting results in lost orders, inaccurate data, and inefficient decision-making.

Not secure and compliant

Custom code integrations aren't conducive to being compliant with privacy regulations or establishing a secure commerce ecosystem.

Stretched timelines

It isn't possible to swiftly connect new software to existing software with custom code, quickly and cost-effectively.

With Alumio

Organize untangled and future-proof IT ecosystems

Scalable and interchangeable integrations

Seamlessly add new application integrations to existing connections as you grow, without loss of data integrity.

Happy customers

Always be on top of problems with the Alumio monitoring and notifications cockpit, which detects integration errors in real-time.

Save time for senior developers

Create, monitor, and manage integrations without custom code, freeing developers to focus on architecture and complex issues.

Customizable interfaces without compromise

Ensure front office and back office success by building reliable integrations on a user-friendly interface.

Easily connect legacy software

Connect older, legacy systems with new SaaS and cloud apps.

Integrate the best applications for digital success!

Looking to enhance ERP integrations?

Simply install the Alumio API Plugin!

Rapidly deploy web services your ERP lacks for effective commerce connectivity!

Get a free demo of the Alumio platform

to experience the automation benefits for your business, first-hand!
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