A leading iPaaS solution based on the Symfony Framework

Alumio is a cloud-native, low-code "integration Platform as a Service", or iPaaS, which helps integrates multiple applications, processes, and data sources. Automating and simplifying data exchange, the Alumio iPaaS making it easy to conect applications and data in any environment.

A low-code integration solution

Avoid data silos by using the iPaaS for your integrations

With the explosion of available SaaS applications, the need for more straightforward, more self-sufficient ways to connect and manage data has grown. Traditionally, integration tasks were transferred to the IT department which often face large task load backlogs, and could not act quickly enough to keep up with the speed of business requirements.

Alumio is a leading 'low-code' integration platform for digital commerce, implementing an open-source integration framework. It helps you create, monitor, and manage all your software integrations from one user-friendly web interface, without any code. Centralizing all your connected applications and data on one platform, Alumio helps you scale integration scales with your business needs.

The Alumio iPaaS provides the following advanced integration capabilities:

Move data between applications

Alumio moves data between your source and target applications using plug-ins. Your applications can both take in and push out data to flow from the source endpoints to the target endpoint.

Transform data with the Alumio design studio

Your applications need data in specific formats to process it accurately. With an open-source integration framework built on PHP, Alumio helps you easily map and transform data to match the requirements of both your source and target applications. Think of the Alumio iPaaS as a universal translator for your data.

Create integration workflows

The Alumio integration interface, based on open-source PHP code, helps you build integration workflows and coordinate actions and data exchange between applications.

Monitor and manage all your integrations

The Alumio iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) provides a web-based interface that you can use to centrally develop, deploy, and orchestrate your integrations. You can schedule, start, and stop integrations and check the health of running integrations. The robust monitoring and logging system of Alumio detects integration errors in real-time.

"Meet the leading iPaaS based on the Symfony Framework."

The Alumio iPaaS is created on an open-source PHP framework (Symfony), based on which it provides all cloud-native functionalities. Most importantly, Alumio automatically scales to immediately provide the right amount of computing resources you need to meet your integration demands.

Alumio iPaaS
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Meet the leading iPaaS based on the Symfony Framework
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Symfony based iPaaS

A joy for all developers

Low-code integrations

Create a majority of your integrations with low-code features via the user-friendly interface and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Connect legacy software

Experience flexibility in connecting to Oracle, IBM, REST, and SOAP.


Work with known Symfony-technology to tackle potential edge cases

Junior developers

Employ non-coding developers or project managers to govern your integrations and to resolve errors effortlessly, freeing up senior developers to build more complex integration solutions.

Without Alumio

Risk creating an entangled IT landscape

Data silos

Many disconnected custom-code integrations or third-party point-to-point connections result in fragmented business data.

Lack of visibility

Custom solutions lack integration monitoring capabilities, resulting in notification problems when issues occur.

Negative business impact

Badly connected applications or manual troubleshooting results in lost orders, inaccurate data, and inefficient decision-making.

Not secure and compliant

Custom code integrations aren't conducive to being compliant with privacy regulations or establishing a secure commerce ecosystem.

Stretched timelines

It isn't possible to swiftly connect new software to existing software with custom code, quickly and cost-effectively.

With Alumio

Organize untangled and future-proof IT ecosystems

Scalable and interchangeable integrations

Seamlessly add new application integrations to existing connections as you grow, without loss of data integrity.

Happy customers

Always be on top of problems with the Alumio monitoring and notifications cockpit, which detects integration errors in real-time.

Save time for senior developers

Create, monitor, and manage integrations without custom code, freeing developers to focus on architecture and complex issues.

Customizable interfaces without compromise

Ensure front office and back office success by building reliable integrations on a user-friendly interface.

Easily connect legacy software

Connect older, legacy systems with new SaaS and cloud apps.

Alumio's Core

Agency integration toolkit

Integration is complex, don't reinvent the wheel

The Alumio Agency Edition provides a cloud-native iPaaS solution that helps:

  • Centralize all your integrations
  • Manage multiple customer
  • Build integrations with limitations on endpoints, data routes, etc.

Customers profit from faster development as existing connectors (pre-configured integrations) can be used. Integrations will have automatic logging as well as 360 monitoring features, so customers will get notifications when problems occur.

Web services

With an extensive set of web services support, Alumio integrates with thousands of systems. Its integration capabilities include connectors (pre-configured integrations), as well as advanced mapping and transformation tools. Build, maintain, and grow your commerce ecosystem limitlessly with the Alumio iPaaS, without the need for custom code or traditional middleware solutions like Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Whether it involves building connections via REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, Databases, FTP, and so on, the Alumio integration platform helps you connect any system.

Built for scalability

Imagine a cloud-native, cost-friendly integration solution that helps you rapdily integrate any system(s), while enabling you to scale horizontally and roll out your integrations on a global scale. Alumio offers these capabilities, eliminating any potential pitfalls in your ambitions to grow.

Troubleshoot and manage deployments easily

Monitor all data streams using a single interface to uncover hidden dependencies and decrease time to resolution.

"The Alumio iPaaS gaves us the ability to scale our business and helped us reach our high ambitions. We are now ready for the future."
- Obelink

Why Alumio?

A summary of reasons and benefits

Be future-proof with scalable infrastructure and software interchangeability.

Build fast integrations to reduce "Time-to-Market" and connect new applications, SaaS, and data sources in an agile manner.

Enable high performance with 360° monitoring, great uptime, data buffering and caching, and reactivation procedures.

Ensure security and privacy compliance for all your integrations and customer data, in accordance with privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR).

Speed up your integrations!

Win more deals by pre-built templates

Choose from a selection of Alumio connectors (pre-configured integrations), to build faster integrations with popular e-commerce applications and ERP systems. Use the Alumio API Plugin to connect ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, and other ERP systems with e-commerce software.

  • Get faster Time to Market
  • Create and use connectors
  • Win more deals

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