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Integrate, automate, and future-proof your commerce ecosystem!

Rapidly integrate SaaS, cloud apps, and data sources to build an omnichannel experience. Unlock your full B2B & D2C digital potential.
A visual representation of how the Alumio iPaaS increases logistics, warehousing, and other manufacturing and Supply Chain challenges through seamless integrations.

Customer Experience

Automate your product experience from order processing, product optimization and availability, all the way to delivery and returns.

Business Processes

Streamline your data management and build complex workflows to reduce manual work and data entry.

Get 360-degree
customer insights

Centralize data from all connected systems, track customer engagement across all touch points, and identify process inefficiencies.

A visual of a box out of which many little cubes are flying out of the opening. Showcasing how systems like ERP, CRM, WMS, BI, POS, OMS, and many more can easily be connected via the box of the Alumio middleware.

Create a seamless commerce experience for your customers

Connect with unlimited SaaS and apps

and build robust integrations with ERP, e-commerce, PIM, CRM systems, and more.

Build real-time customer experiences

by seamlessly integrating, sharing, and updating product data across all touch-points.

Organize a scalable commerce ecosystem

by centralizing all your software and data on one dedicated cloud space.

How we empower
commerce experiences

Alumio vivid purple colored quotation sign, a visual indicator of a quote following on this page.

Our company evolved from a traditional retailer to a multichannel e-commerce leader of Europe’s largest outdoor and leisure stores. The Alumio integration platform gave us the ability to re-platform and scale our business, reaching our high ambitions. We’re very pleased to have this solution in place to gear up for the future.”

Wil Salden

Head of E-commerce, Obelink

Alumio vivid purple colored quotation sign, a visual indicator of a quote following on this page.

Alumio gives us the ability to develop an integrated e-commerce platform that’s fast, flexible, and reliable. It helped us deeply integrate our custom ERP. A very flexible connection between systems makes Jac Hensen online much more agile for the future. We can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for Alumio and Magento (Adobe Commerce).”

Jos Pieters

CTO, Jac Hensen

Jumpstart your
integration projects with Alumio

Create integrations with minimal IT support

and seamlessly add, manage, and modify connections via an intuitive dashboard.

Get a visual overview of all data flows

running across all your connected systems, on one central user-friendly interface.

Implement native connectors

to configure integrations faster and flexibly modify integrations to match evolving business needs.

Detect integration errors rapidly

by getting alerts via a robust monitoring and logging system.

Transform data and build workflows

to orchestrate a unified commerce experience, across all connected systems.

And learn more with
our in-depth white papers

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Want to get started on creating

fast, flexible, and future-proof
integrations for commerce?

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