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Rapidly connect applications, suppliers, and customers. Manage all your integrations and data via one cloud-based platform.

Build fast and flexible integrations

Reduce operational costs

Organize a scalable IT ecosystem

Start integrating

Create complex API integrations
via a user-friendly interface

Connect unlimited applications

Connect relations via JSON or EDI

Use 1 cloud tool for all integrations

Digialize business processes

Experience key benefits

Added value for organizations
to digitalize in a smart way

Build faster integrations

Be flexible and future-proof

Get notified and solve issues

Be scalable and secure

Grow business value

Use the business automation
capabilities of the iPaaS

Get your IT ready for growth

Say goodbye to data silos

Reduce time to market by 40%

Reduce costs by 43%

Reduce Time-to-Market

with 4x faster integrations

Start integrating

without custom code

Get monitoring

Automate error alerts

Industry best practice

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Experience the magic of Alumio

The Alumio iPaaS comes with an extensive range of features that give you the ability to create, maintain, and monitor your integrations via a user-friendly web interface. It allows you to freely connect any endpoints, from third-party software to business relations across any file format.

Key use cases

- Integrate multiple applications seamlessly
- Connect your relations via JSON or EDI
- Digitize and automate processes
- Create data lakes for holistic insights

Key features

- Control all your integrations via one platform
- Connect applications without custom code
- Get automated logging and monitoring
- Map and modify data flexibly

Key benefits

- Build faster integrations with connectors
- Streamline data and processes
- Get notified and solve problems quickly
- Build scalable and secure integrations

Key business value

- Get your IT ready for digital growth
- Eliminate data silos
- Improve Time-to-Market by 40%
- Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 43%

Without Alumio

Risk creating an entangled IT landscape

Data silos

Many disconnected custom-code integrations or third-party point-to-point connections fragment business data.

Lack of visibility

Custom solutions lack integration monitoring capabilities, resulting in notification problems when issues occur.

Negative business impact

Badly connected applications or manual troubleshooting results in lost orders, inaccurate data, and inefficient decision-making.

Not secure and compliant

Custom code integrations aren't conducive to being compliant with privacy regulations or establishing a secure IT ecosystem.

Stretched timelines

It isn't possible to quickly and cost-effectively connect old systems with new applications using custom code.

With Alumio

Organize an untangled and future-proof IT ecosystem

Scalable and interchangeable

Get fast and seamless connectivity to apps and databases with simplified data exchange.

Happy customers

Always be on top of problems with the Alumio monitoring and notifications cockpit.

Save time for senior developers

Create, monitor, and manage integrations without custom code, freeing developers to focus on architecture and complex issues.

Customizable interfaces without compromise

Ensure front office and back office success by building reliable integrations on a user-friendly interface.

Easily connect legacy software

Connect older, legacy systems with new SaaS and cloud apps.

Web services

Build, maintain, and grow your IT landscape

With an extensive set of webservices support, Alumio integrates thousands of applications. It offers a selection of connectors, mapping and transformation tools, and a powerful software development kit (SDK). Build, maintain and grow your IT landscape on the cloud, without the costs or complexity of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Helping you build connections freely via REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, databases, FTP, and so on, the Alumio integration platform gives you all the features you need to seamlessly connect two or multiple systems.

Get happier clients

By offering a monitoring cockpit

Get a robust monitoring and logging system with the Alumio integration platform, which automatically detects integration errors in real-time. Get a visual overview of all your working data flows and resolve integration roadblocks from one intuitive dashboard.

"Get monitoring alerts for any data errors."

The dashboard displays all integration problems precisely and makes troubleshooting simple!

A future-proof solution

Use Alumio to manage all your customer integrations

Alumio offers a special edition for system integrators, agencies and engineers. Learn more about the benefits for architects, engineers, managers, and C-level.

Manage integrations for multiple customers

Organize integrations on dedicated cloud environments

No limitations on endpoints, data routes, and more

Check out our marketplace

By using Alumio connectors (pre-configured integrations) you can speed up your integration projects. Achieve digitalization in a short time, without losing your flexibility or having to use custom-code or plugin solutions.

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