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Alumio 2024
Feature Roadmap

Discover all the great new upcoming platform features we’re working on to make our integration platform even more simple, user-friendly, and future-proof!

Expected release -
Q3 2024
Expected release - end of Q2
Alumio Spaces
Manage all your client integrations from one Alumio environment!
Alumio Spaces is set to revolutionize the way agencies, system integrators, and software vendors manage all their customer integrations with the Alumio integration platform. It’s designed to give our integration partners the freedom to implement, govern, and orchestrate individual Alumio integration Spaces for multiple customers from one Alumio environment. Each Alumio Space will include detailed access management, and your Alumio environment can be white-labeled in your own brand colors and logo to add an extra touch of personalization.
A 2D graphic of Alumio Spaces, showing an Alumio Base Platform and 3 Client Spaces connected to it.
Code Transformer
Accelerate data transformation by writing code!
While Alumio makes integrations simple for business users, it is primarily a low-code solution that simplifies advanced integrations and data transformations. As part of our vast array of Data Transformers, we’re working on releasing an exciting new developer-friendly Code Transformer. This transformer will enable integrators to write JavaScript within Alumio to transform complex data and tackle edge cases with simple lines of code. The Code Transformer will also enhance workflows and accelerate customizations.
A 2D graphic showing a code transformer, an upcoming Alumio feature that will enable integrators to write JavaScript within Alumio to transform complex data
Next-level Storages
Add-on more Alumio Storage capacity and capabilities
Alumio will soon give users the ability to expand their Storage limitations and features. This will be an add-on that enables enterprises to flexibly accommodate vast increases in data volumes beyond the base Storage capacity of Alumio, without compromising performance or speed of data exchange. This scalable, new database expansion will facilitate efficient storage and will include extra dashboard features for searching and filtering stored data.
A 2D graphic showing an upcoming Alumio feature, an add-on that will expand storages
Feature in continuous development
Alumio Basic-Mode UI
A simplified Alumio interface for non-technical users
Taking how Alumio helps “Make Integrations Simple” to the next level, we’re building an easy-mode UI for non-technical users within the platform. This way, business users can experience a more simplifed Alumio UI with only basic platform features to examine and manage integrations. On the other hand, technical users can toggle on all advanced integration features, which they can continue using to build, modify, and orchestrate more complex integrations.
A 2D graphic representing a simplified Alumio interface for non-technical users turned on or off using a switch
Expected release -
Q4 2024
Expected release - end of Q3
Organize your integrations with smart colored labels
To simplify integrations as they grow in complexity, we will soon enable users to build smart, color-coded labels to help organize data, configurations, and overall connections within Alumio. This will enhance how users navigate and search integrations by filtering everything by the labels they create. Apart from improving the visibility of all configurations, Alumio’s new Labeling system will also help improve debugging.
A 2D graphic showing color-based labels to help organize data within Alumio
Alerts Management
Expanding Alumio’s integration Monitoring capabilities
Alumio provides a robust Monitoring system that allows users to receive specific Alerts by email. This involves Alerts for failed tasks, successful tasks, unsuccessful data retrieval, etc. In response to a unanimous demand from our customers and partners, we’re expanding our Alerts Management feature. This will include allowing the creation of user groups and support for receiving Alerts across different channels, such as webhooks and SMS.
A 2D graphic showing a monitoring system allowing users to manage specific alerts by creating user groups and receive alerts across different channels
Enhanced Logging
Simplified logs to highlight integration issues better
Alumio provides a holistic, automated logging system that generates import and export logs for each integrated system, which tracks every single detail that occurs within the integration. However, examining all these details to spot specific issue can be challenging for the average user. To simplify this, we’re building an Enhanced Logging system that’s designed to highlight specific issues and relevant details better.
A 2D graphic showing logs that highlight integrations issues better
Encrypting Sensitive Data
Complying with Enterprise-level security requirements
To implement an added crucial layer of data security to the Alumio platform, especially for enterprises, we’re working on a feature to encrypt sensitive data effectively. This will help further mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches and demonstrate Alumio’s commitment to improve data protection and privacy.
A 2D graphic showing a secure connection from software A to software B
Major 2025
Feature Release!
Alumio Route Builder
Orchestrate integrations with a drag-&-drop interface
We’re excited to be working on this game-changer! It involves upgrading our menu-based interface into a more user-friendly, drag-and-drop Route Builder. This will allow users to effortlessly develop their integrations on one intuitive visual canvas by dragging and dropping elements together. It will also give them a complete visual overview of their integrated ecosystem as it grows. We look forward to perfecting and launching this major feature overhaul next year!
A 2D graphic representing an Alumio Route Builder, an upcoming Alumio feature that will allow users to effortlessly develop their integrations on one intuitive visual canvas by dragging and dropping elements together

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