Network & Infrastructure

Hosting is an important aspect that influences the scalability of the platform. Alumio delivers high-performance hosting infrastructures that are ready for worldwide rollout to international enterprise companies. A horizontal and vertical scalable solution that works seamlessly with the open-source system "Kubernetes".

Small and midsize companies cloud solution

Scalable solution delivered in your region

Alumio gives you the ability to start quickly with the default setup that scales up to 1.000 transactions per minute. This can be upgraded to a fully scalable, high availability infrastructure for future growth.

Initial setup for production

  • Virtual Private Server
  • Server: CPU4x2s (vCPU)
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Disk space: 30GB

Enterprise cloud edition

Horizontal and vertical scalable solution

Alumio recommends enterprise businesses (500 million plus turnover) a clustered solution for a high-performance infrastructure that is ready for worldwide rollout. ​

The high-performance infrastructure​ is an open-source Kubernetes based system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.


Mapping Data with Alumio


We love making things simple. You don't need to write code or deploy to achieve mapping result. Just log in to Alumio, find the data set you want to map, select the corresponding data set on your end point and you're set!


Stay organized

Keeping track of your mappings can be a hassle. Especially with large data sets or when your applications data needs to be published to different endpoints. Alumio offers you the ability to filter your dataset based on what has been already matched and what has not.

Smart suggestions

We’ve added a smart feature helping you map data even more quickly. Alumio makes suggestions based on similarities on both data sides. Alumio compares and suggests mappings if it’s likely that the data matches. Then it’s up to you to decide if it’s correct, simply by pressing a simple confirmation button.


Connect any application to your ERP and commerce platform

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Global infrastructure

Alumio scales your business

Interested in learning more about Alumio's scalable enterprise solutions? Our solution architects are here to assist you in your research and discovery.