Performance Reports

Alumio's no-code integration platform is unique, because it boosts performance in many business areas. Alumio guarantees a high speed of delivery and supports business process orchestration while streaming real-time integrations.

Alumio offers performance insights based upon a subscribing performance test and a separate publishing performance test.

1.5 million data
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Alumio SMB performance hosting

100,000 data
transfers per minute

Alumio custom multi-threaded hosting

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Marketing actions such as TV commercials, social campaigns, or promotions can cause peak loads. Alumio understands the importance of performance and therefore provides robust and scalable solutions that scale with peak loads.

Test reports

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The Performance Insights that Alumio provides are related to different aspects. This particular report focuses on an installation of Alumio on Google Cloud based on a small and mid-size company solution, which is the default private cloud solution. For enterprise solutions, Alumio can organize a horizontal and vertical scalable enterprise solution but as the performance on this SMB solution is superb, the SBM solution will do the job.

Alumio's SMB solution as tested was based on a private hosting solution with 8 vCPU, 30 GB RAM, running on Apache with PHP version 7.3. Alumio software version v2.31.0 with the following components used: Webhook API & Subscriber, Directory Storage Publisher, and Type Setter & Key Filter Transformer

Performance incoming data transactions

Throughput data metrics

Alumio has subscribers to import data from a source into Alumio. In this test, we used Alumio webhooks to offer a subscriber a pool of data, the test set. We iterated subscribing 1,000 records of webhooks data 50 times. Every iteration is executed as a single thread. The number of threads can be configured in Alumio.


  • Average time taken for 1,000 records: 6.36 seconds
  • Median time taken for 1,000 records: 6.32 seconds
  • Average entities per second: 157.07 entities

Performance outgoing data transactions

Throughput data metrics

Alumio uses publishers to export data from Alumio to an external destination. In this test, we used Alumio queue to offer tasks to a publisher. We iterated the test set 50 times, similar to our approach regarding the subscriber test. Publishers were configured to publish in batches of 1, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 tasks at a time in a single thread.


  • Average amount per second: 15.50 tasks
  • Median amount per second: 16.92 tasks
  • Average time per task: 0.06 seconds
  • Median time per task: 0.06 seconds

Global infrastructure

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