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Integrations that help the Environment

Dyka's connecting SAP S/4HANA to Magento with Alumio

Dyka Group is a business unit of the Tessenderlo Group, which consists of three brands; DYKA, BT Nyloplast and JDP. They are the leading producers and distributors of plastic pipe systems, sewage systems and rainwater infiltration among many other services. Dyka are represented on a national and international pedestal with 19 branches in the Netherlands (with over 500 employees) in addition to representatives in Belgium, France, UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania. By transporting water, air and other energy sources in a reliable, efficient and sustainable way, they do their bit, for a better planet every day, which therefore alludes to their nickname of “Natures Network”.

Dyka & Alumio

As Dyka is responsible for producing and distributing essential services that help the environment, they opted to integrate with Alumio to maximize market efficiency (through the integration of twenty-two web services) in terms of customers, gain increasing control of their stock, deliveries, and services as well as finance, logistics, HR, product planning and customer service, that would be potentially linked together into a single, customizable system, run on a database of Dyka’s choice.

Solution & Reasoning

By connecting Dyka’s ERP (SAP S4 Hana) to their e-commerce platform (Magento 2) twenty-two web services were delivered which are needed for full B2B Commerce so that they could achieve a real-time and 360-degree view of all the ongoing processes within their companyEssentially, Dyka can now take control of every aspect of their organizational structure which creates a seamlessly scalable IT landscape that is ready for digital success. Several specific Magento B2B are developed to deal with real-time information delivered from Alumio’s SAP API Connector, such as B2B prices, order simulation calls, ATP available to process stock information, and much more. Thus, everything is monitored to ensure real-time insights are enforced to contribute to an increasingly robust platform that serves our planet in sustainably innovative ways.


Magento 2

Magento is an e-commerce platform built on open-source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

SAP S4 Hana

SAP S4 Hana includes various features, including accounting integration, PO management, order management, analytics/reporting, warehouse management, supply chain management, sales management, purchasing, project management, HR management, financial management, enterprise asset management, distribution management, dashboard, inventory management, CRM, and accounting management.


By connecting Dyka’s ERP (SAP S/4HANA) to Magento, twenty-two web services were installed delivered for B2B commerce, allowing for real time insight and 360° monitoring and logging of all outstanding processes within their company. Essentially, Dyka can now take control of every aspect within their organizational structure which creates a seamlessly scalable IT landscape that is ready for digital success.


Integration Partner


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By transporting water, air and other energy sources in a reliable, efficient and sustainable way, we do our part - for a better planet every day. That’s why we call ourselves ‘Natures Network’

Why Alumio?

Taking control of your landscape

Alumio is a key enabler of the new data and application integration strategy. By working with Alumio iPaaS to deliver on an integration strategy, Dyka was able to create a robust and structured IT landscape that manages everything from deliveries to financial logistics in one central platform.

Overall, Alumio scales alongside your business, meaning you can upgrade and change any software solution that meets your business objectives.

Integrations & Possibilities

Scalability for a greener future

Alumio's integration platform proves itself as a pivotal role to future-proof Dyka’s business by building an integration platform that can quickly incorporate new technologies that respond to ever-changing consumer and market demands.

“Through Integrations with Alumio, we're able to take control of our business which helps many people around the world. As an environmentally friendly company, we are extremely satisfied with our newfound possibility to scale on a grander level – that helps customers and environments alike”.

Ready for the future

Building a future-proof infrastructure

The new infrastructure is robust and flexible. Many of the essential data streams already run through the Alumio platform. In the meantime, the ecosystem is becoming increasingly connected and expanding. The foundation is built to introduce new platforms via Alumio. It is this flexible adaptability of Alumio that makes Obelink's IT ecosystem future-proof. Because whatever digital trends you look at: from chatbots to new social platforms and markets, from big data to social media to omnichannel andInternet of Things, everything revolves around data. Everything starts with connecting your data and applications in a smart way with new applications. Data is one of the most valuable assets of a modern company. It deserves a dedicated platform. Having the power to effectively connect new platforms is a huge competitive advantage. Alumio gives Obelink that possibility, so that we connect not only with today's applications, but also with the many that are yet to come.

Why Dyka chose Alumio

A summary of reasons and benefits

Future-proofing scalable infrastructure and software interchangeability.

Full control of stock (360-degree monitoring) 

Constant monitoring of Finances (Profit Margins and lower expenditure

Digitalization of their company which is environmentally friendly