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Integrating Seamless Travel Experiences for Vinci Airports

Innovating airport e-commerce connectivity with Alumio’s future-proof middleware solution

Vinci Airports is a growing, multinational leader in the airport sector and is the first private airport operator in the world, with its presence dating back to 25 years ago. Today, the Vinci Airports portfolio encompasses 50 successfully managed airports with over 15,000 employees in 12 countries. Aiming to deliver positive mobility, Vinci Airports strives to reduce the carbon footprint per passenger by 22%. As a global integrator they mainly develop, finance, build and provide everyday airport operations around the world. 

As part of its larger future-oriented plans to modernize the airports it manages, one such airport that Vinci Airports decided to upgrade was the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. From terminal expansion, and runway constructions, to additional parking spaces and new access roads, Belgrade Airport would become a new hotspot for easy mobility with a focus on high levels of service and customer comfort. As part of these modernization efforts, the global integrator sought the help of Alumio’s iPaaS to help integrate Belgrade Airport’s e-commerce platform with its third-partner car reservation system. 

Before creating the integration, travelers arriving at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport had to create car bookings and parking reservations manually through SKIDATA, their third-partner local car parking, and reservation systems. In times of advancing technological solutions, customers/travelers expect to be connected to such conveniences through the airport itself in real time.

In order to integrate SKIDATA’s parking solution to the Belgrade Airport booking website, Vinci Airports was looking for a traditional ESB-like solution and were elated to discover Alumio’s next-gen cloud-based, iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) solution. Alumio helped successfully integrate Belgrade Airport’s e-commerce platform (Adobe Commerce) and SKIDATA, their third-partner car booking and reservation system, with our integration partner, SQLI creating the necessary configurations through our iPaaS.

The integration helped ensure that third-partner services, like reserving a car or parking spot, applying for a VIP lounge spot, reserving fast lane spaces, and availing vouchers were now successfully available on the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport e-commerce platform. Travelers can now access real-time data for booking availabilities, and prices of airport parking and choose parking availabilities for the start and end date of their travel. Not only can this data be used by the traveler, but it can also be accessed by the third partner database to create and confirm reservations, as well as to send booking validations or booking cancelations to the user. Thanks to the integration solution by Alumio all of these web services work seamlessly together in the eyes of the end-user, enabling cross-platform connectivity and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

With this first successful step in bringing the integration capabilities of Alumio’s iPaaS to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airportswe look forward to creating more such future-proof integrations for the airports managed by Vinci Airports.


Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce, formerly known as Magento, is a popular worldwide e-commerce software for B2C and B2B product selling purposes. It is built on open-source technology, providing flexible shopping cart systems for online sellers. Additionally, Adobe Commerce offers marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and catalog-management tools that deliver insightful information about online store content and functionality.

SKIDATA Parking Solution

Belgrade Airport's third-partner parking solution, SKIDATA manages the physical access to the parking spaces, enables car-parking reservations, fast-track lounge access and a voucher-based system. It comes replete with its own SaaS-based solution for parking management, which Alumio helped integrate with the Belgrade Airport’s booking portal.


By integrating the e-commerce platform of the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (an airport within Vinci Airports' network) with the back-office of SKIDATA, their third-partner car booking, reserving, and backlogging system, real-time data access was provided to customers. The integration was a start to using Alumio for future e-commerce integration deployments in Vinci Airports.


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“We were impressed by Alumio’s capabilities, their accessible pricing model and the way they work with agencies like SQLI.”

Why Alumio?

Centralization and business scalability

Since the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport's e-commerce platform needed to be connected to their third partner system SKIDATA, choosing the Alumio iPaaS was a logical step to create a future-proof integration. Alumio’s integration platform enables the collecting, accessing, and usage of real-time data from both end-users and service providers.

The Alumio iPaaS helped create centralized data accessibility to support an optimized customer experience. It also ensured business scalability by providing the possibility of flexibly adding multiple new software integrations on its centralized platform.

Real-time data accessibility

Creating seamless customer experiences

With over 20 years of experience and managing more than 50 airports, Vinci Airports needed an integration solution that helped integrate their many services in a fast, flexible and scalable way to improve their customer experiences. With Alumio's iPaaS they now have a no-code integration platform, which allows them to create, monitor and manage integrations from a user-friendly interface. Apart from helping them create a seamless integration, Alumio ensures fast and reliable real-time data exchange across the connected systems.

Ready for the future

Building a future-proof infrastructure

The new infrastructure is robust and flexible. Many of the essential data streams already run through the Alumio platform. In the meantime, the ecosystem is becoming increasingly connected and expanding. The foundation is built to introduce new platforms via Alumio. It is this flexible adaptability of Alumio that makes Obelink's IT ecosystem future-proof. Because whatever digital trends you look at: from chatbots to new social platforms and markets, from big data to social media to omnichannel andInternet of Things, everything revolves around data. Everything starts with connecting your data and applications in a smart way with new applications. Data is one of the most valuable assets of a modern company. It deserves a dedicated platform. Having the power to effectively connect new platforms is a huge competitive advantage. Alumio gives Obelink that possibility, so that we connect not only with today's applications, but also with the many that are yet to come.

Why Vinci Airports chose Alumio

A summary of reasons and benefits

Digitalization and future-proof integrations

Centralized connections and data control

Improved e-commerce experience