How Jollein nurtures Digital Commerce

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July 21, 2021

Jollein has been a successful company in baby room textiles and accessories since 1973. Jollein designs new collections annually, that feature hip and trendy designs as well as items under their neutral and basic collection. As a privately held company, they are located in Assen, Drenthe with approximately 50 employees. In line with corporate social responsibility and sustainability which are quite prevalent today, Jollein has made attempts to cultivate more environmentally ethical changes to their company, which further heightens the need for organizational structure across all sectors.‍

As Jollein are a popular baby clothing accessories wholesaler within the Netherlands – the growing demand for their products has increased exponentially. Jollein aspires to contribute to a healthier world and the well-being of our ozone layer and ecosystem, through waste reduction and the replacement of plastic for cardboard in their packaging and products in a bid to lower CO2 emissions and protect the environment. Interestingly, they understand the digital shift in consumer markets during the coronavirus pandemic and wish to become scalable and digitally inclined to reach newer and larger demographics in transparent and authentic ways

By connecting Jollein’s ERP (Exact Globe) to their e-commerce (Shopware 5), they were able to digitalize their IT Landscape to gain insight and control over their stock and delivery services, which adhere to their newfound ethical and digital consumer market ideology. By integrating with Alumio, Jollein receives stock updates every fifteen minutes, which in turn contribute to the standardization of their business, allowing them to continue to make clothing and accessories without plastic and additionally capitalize on new opportunities amidst our coronavirus pandemic innovatively.


  1. Exact Globe
    This versatile and commanding Exact Globe ERP solution helps organizations obtain more insight into their SMB’s operational health in every department, along with suppliers, vendors, and customers.
  2. Shopware 5
    Shopware is a trendsetting platform for e-commerce to drive your online store or business. It offers the ideal combination of brains and beauty that you need to create and customize a fully responsive e-commerce store.
  3. Akeneo
    Akeneo is a technology company that develops product information management (PIM) and product data intelligence software to improve customer experiences

“Due to market developments and the Coronavirus Covid-19, we see that there are great opportunities in the consumer market. Jollein would like to respond better to this, so that the consumer can be reached better.”

Why Jollein chose Alumio

✓ Data integrations through one central domain

✓ Digitalization for future success

✓ 360-degree monitoring and logging

✓ High customer satisfaction rates

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