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Digitalizing the multiple Brands of Trimfoot Co.

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March 31, 2022

Trimfoot Co. is a retail conglomerate that specializes in newborn and children’s footwear. Having worked in the retail sector for over ninety years, Trimfoot, has not only achieved an illustrious past in the footwear industry, however, has established themselves as the ‘front-runner’ of infant’s and children’s footwear trade. Located in the heart of Missouri, in the United States, Trimfoot has been designing and selling high-end footwear across a broad spectrum of clientele – ranging from major department stores and mass merchandisers to niche and specialty shops alike.

As Trimfoot distributes under many notorious brands such as Baby Deer, Wee Kids, and Designers Touch (to name but a few) – the need for digital expansion and diversity is significantly important, in line with their future success. Trimfoot has its own in-house marketing department and design team, as well as offices and employees in the far East, which made choosing Alumio as an integration platform (iPaaS) extremely favorable to create an IT landscape that is ready for digital growth. Through Alumio, inventory levels can be seamlessly processed and monitored over several e-commerce sites, as customer serviceability remains their number one priority.

Through connecting Trimfoot’s ERP (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations) to WooCommerce, Trimfoot was able to modernize and automate its “IT Integration Landscape”, predict future results, and track real-time performances that create data-driven decisions which accelerate the continuous growth of their business. By integrating Dynamics 365 FO to their e-commerce platform – WooCommerce, Trimfoot has, in turn, eliminated data silos and now benefits from Alumio to simply add new digital software and have all data integrations managed within one place, so it’s able to create impactful strategies that bring them closer to their worldwide customers in an innovatively digital manner.



WooCommerce is an opensource e-commerce plugin for WordPress. WordPress is the leading CMS for SME and SMB companies, and the wish to add shop functionality/e-commerce features is logical. WooCommerce is therefore the most popular e-commerce plugin used in the ecosystem of WordPress.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance allows you to modernize and automate your global financial operations. Predict future results, track real-time performance, and make data-driven decisions to accelerate business  growth.

“Today, more than ever, Trimfoot commits itself to serving the needs of our customers in the ever-changing and demanding retail environment with our knowledge, expertise and technological capabilities”.

Why Trimfoot chose Alumio

✓ Eliminates data silos that can bare a heavy load

✓ Data integrations managed through one central domain

✓ Digitalized for future success

✓ High customer satisfaction rates

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