Case study

TissueTech's digital move to branch out and board new market segments

A shift from a mechanistic to digitalized work-force

Pharmaceutical giant Tissuetech goes digital for both increased revenue and the dissemination of medicine

TissueTech, Inc. is the leader in innovative technologies using products derived from human amniotic and umbilical cord tissues. More than 300,000 patients have been treated with Tissue Tech products; placental tissues -utilized for the innate regenerative properties of human umbilical cord and amniotic membrane tissue to promote wound healing.

With their partner digital Advanced Creation (USA, Denver) and the Alumio iPaaS solution,TissueTech was able to digitalize their business and shift sales-people to search for new customers in an innovative manner that paved the way ready for new opportunities! Alumio iPaaS's ability to integrate both Salesforce and Sage X3 provided

Tissuetech's circumvention of manual ways of working has allowed for control of the following:

  • Product sync to eCommerce
  • B2B Customer (Company and contacts )data login and account create process
  • Stock and availability
  • B2B pricing process
  • Omnichannel orders process
  • Refunds process



Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides customer relationship management services and also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.


WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plug-in for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

Sage X3

Sage X3 is an enterprise resource planning product aimed at established businesses. With Sage X3, TissueTech benefits from a flexible and efficient ERP-software to regulate the entire business with simpler, quicker, and more versatile supply chain, production, and financial management.

Sage X3


Wanting to expand their reach to new customer segments, TissueTech came to Alumio to connect their backbone (Salesforce and Sage X3) to their new e-commerce platform.


Integration Partner


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“That is why they were looking for a partner who was able to connect our IT landscape to our new e-commerce platform”.

Expanding eCommerce environments with Alumio

Where Healthcare meets eCommerce

TissueTech chooses to build up new market share in other segments. As their current revenue in the segment ‘health, hospitals and private health clinics', were still done by traditional salespersons, they needed to digitalize their business in order to enter and board new segments. AsSalesforce and Sage X3 are the nucleus of the company. The first step was to connect these endpoints to the new eCommerce software. In order to connect Salesforce and Sage X3 to WooCommerce TissueTech chose to use Alumio.

The significance of integrations within the healthcare sector

The importance of Alumio iPaaS

As companies like Tissuetech provide medicine for over hundreds of thousands of people, It is essential that they adapt to a digitalized environment for work. As levels of digital literacy rise and usage of software such as Alumio iPaaS are integrated into both pre-existing and new systems that manage data, it can be said that Tissuetech themselves and their clients will benefit from software in terms of fiscal gain and an increased dissemination of medicine that benefits individuals and the well-being of society

Ready for the future

Building a future-proof infrastructure

The new infrastructure is robust and flexible. Many of the essential data streams already run through the Alumio platform. In the meantime, the ecosystem is becoming increasingly connected and expanding. The foundation is built to introduce new platforms via Alumio. It is this flexible adaptability of Alumio that makes Obelink's IT ecosystem future-proof. Because whatever digital trends you look at: from chatbots to new social platforms and markets, from big data to social media to omnichannel andInternet of Things, everything revolves around data. Everything starts with connecting your data and applications in a smart way with new applications. Data is one of the most valuable assets of a modern company. It deserves a dedicated platform. Having the power to effectively connect new platforms is a huge competitive advantage. Alumio gives Obelink that possibility, so that we connect not only with today's applications, but also with the many that are yet to come.

Alumio's ability to integrate both Salesforce and Sage X3 to WooCommerce aptly appealed to TissueTech's vision of expansion

A summary of reasons and benefits

Transforms company IT landscape structure so that expansion and scalability are possible

Stores data in one place for a simpler yet kinder way of managing data

Inspires companies with newfound digital software that are future proof to brainstorm and seek out new business endeavours

" Integration systems like Alumio iPaaS give company ideologies physical tangibility"