Case study

Sambazon & Ethical Integrations

Sambazon's transformation from manual to digital labor

Ethical & Environmental food sales conglomerate "Sambazon" goes digital to maximize profit and give back to the environment. Sambazon is one of the biggest health food fair trade companies in the USA. It was the 1st certified organic and fair-trade Açaí company in America. Sambazon is unique in selling açai (the most powerful superfood in the Amazon area). Açaís have been harvested by hand from the rainforest’s palm trees for centuries. This nutritional powerhouse has long been a staple of indigenous diets. Sambazon is unique in fair trade and is committed to the protection of rainforests and its indigenous people. Samabazon has effectively preserved over 200,000,000 acres( and counting) of the Amazon Rainforest by paying fair wages that directly support 30,000+  family-orientated farmers. Similarly, another ethically sound attribute of Sambazon is the 5% local reinvestment of açaí purchases which goes directly back into schools and hospitals.

The process of handling orders from the B2B/ B2C web shop, marketplaces, and big customers like Walmart, were still done manually. Sambazon had to increase the headcount of their inside sales /administration team from three to eight people in the last 3 years, just to manually process the orders (due to their exponential growth and succession). Consequently, this resulted in infractions on the company’s part that were significantly deteriorating their profit margins.


  • Synced data: ERP (SAP), e-commerce (Shopify), EDI-broker SPS Commerce
  • Full Catalog sync ERP to e-commerce
  • Customer data account creating and login processes
  • Stock and availability
  • Orders process
  • EDI Walmart
  • Delivery process, including Shipments, track and trace to e-commerce



Shopify is a multinational e-commerce platform that powers over 1,700,000 stores globally. Apart from providing 100+ Professional e-commerce store themes, Shopify offers an array of services such as payments, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools. It also enables product
selling via drop-shopping integration and social media integration. Apart from enabling you to Process Orders, Shopify also helps Manage Products and Collections, Run Marketing Campaigns, automate Customer Follow-Ups, Discount Creation, and much more.


One of the largest software companies in the world, SAP is a market leader in providing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Providing SAP customers generates a huge chunk of total global commerce. Helping the management of business processes and developing solutions for effective data processing and information flow across the organization, SAP provides more than 100 solutions that cover all business functions. With the largest cloud portfolio, SAP customers are said to generate 87% of global commerce. SAP helps businesses evolve with its machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics technologies to help turn customers.


SAP was connected to Shopify via the Alumio iPaaS software, which simultaneously contributed to the digitalization of whole-sales conglomerate "Walmart" through the integration of SPS Commerce which automates EDI processes.


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“We are expecting to see at least 35% growth in EDI revenue and a 50% increase in e-commerce. We credit Alumio to playing a major role in enabling us to do so”.

Maximised Profit Margins

Digitalization & Elevated Revenue Streams

Alumio's integration platform proves itself as a pivotal role to future-proof Sambazon’s business by building an integration platform and API application network that can quickly incorporate new technologies that respond to ever-changing consumer and market demands.

Sambazon wanted to get rid of data silo's.

Therefore, ensuring that such demands can be met on a grander scale that facilitates increasing profit margins.

The Incentive of Alumio iPaaS

Ethical Integrations & Scaleability

Alumio is a key enabler of the new data and application integration strategy. By working with Alumio iPaaS to deliver on an integration strategy centered around API-led connectivity, Sambazon has, in turn, maximized profit margins by 35% in EDI and 50% in e-commerce that contribute to the equitous pay of their employees, the protection of indigenous people and environments such as the Amazon rain forest, whilst funneling money back into their local environment, which evidently wouldn't be possible without their newfound digitalized working platforms.

Ready for the future

Building a future-proof infrastructure

The new infrastructure is robust and flexible. Many of the essential data streams already run through the Alumio platform. In the meantime, the ecosystem is becoming increasingly connected and expanding. The foundation is built to introduce new platforms via Alumio. It is this flexible adaptability of Alumio that makes Obelink's IT ecosystem future-proof. Because whatever digital trends you look at: from chatbots to new social platforms and markets, from big data to social media to omnichannel andInternet of Things, everything revolves around data. Everything starts with connecting your data and applications in a smart way with new applications. Data is one of the most valuable assets of a modern company. It deserves a dedicated platform. Having the power to effectively connect new platforms is a huge competitive advantage. Alumio gives Obelink that possibility, so that we connect not only with today's applications, but also with the many that are yet to come.

Why Sambazon chose Alumio

A summary of reasons and benefits

Alumio maximizes profit margins

Allows environmentally and ethically friendly companies to give back to nature

Offers software that normalizes data and stores it in one domain for a clearer, more efficient working ecology

Fast integration reduce "time-to-market" and connect new software and data sources easily

“Alumio is a key enabler of the new data and application integration strategy".