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6 reasons why businesses are using the iPaaS

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August 3, 2021

The iPaaS is a cloud-based integration platform that helps businesses connect multiple applications, data sources, and new SaaS solutions. Enabling real-time data exchange, it acts as a unifying intermediary of communication between all these integrated systems. Discover six essential reasons why modern businesses are using the iPaaS as a central tool to enable digital transformation, automate business processes, and boost cost optimization.

6 reasons why businesses are using the iPaaS

Modern businesses are using the iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) as a next-gen API-driven middleware solution to integrate existing business systems with multiple new SaaS or cloud apps. This involves integrating ERP systems, e-commerce platforms, PIM, CRM, WMS, POS, Marketing automation software, and many other applications. As such, businesses are using the iPaaS to streamline internal and external workflows, and as a scalable solution to build future-proof integrated data ecosystems as they grow.

Here are 6 essential advantages that the iPaaS provides, due to which businesses are increasingly adopting it as their central hub to accelerate digital transformation and business automation: 

1. Build integrations without custom-code:

An iPaaS solution is either a low-code or no-code cloud-based/native integration platform, which helps business integrate multiple systems, SaaS, and cloud apps, without custom code. It provides a user-friendly interface that both developers and non-coding professionals, such as junior developers, project managers, or C-level, can collaborate on to create, monitor, and manage integrations.

2. Enable real-time error detection: 

The iPaaS provides monitoring and logging features that help automatically detect integration errors or API conflicts. This helps signficantly reduce troubleshooting time and cost. And businesses can build custom monitoring alerts to notify them in case of errors in crucial data transactions.

3. Eliminate black boxes:

The iPaaS provides a clear visual overview of all connected systems and data sources of a business on one user-friendly interface. It provides extensive logging for all data transactions and it visualizes all data flows exchanged between integrated systems. This allows business users to collaborate effectively with developers or system integrators to plan improvements on their integrations.

4. Prevent data silos:

As an API-driven integration solution, the iPaaS enables data synchronization and real-time data exchange between all integrated systems. This eliminates data silos, inconsistenceis, duplications, and other hindrances that arise from manual data entry. Most importantly, it provides access to real-time access to critical information, improving decision-making processes.

5. Get faster Time to Market (TTM):

iPaaS solutions usually provide connectors (pre-built integrations) that enable businesses to integrate popular software and cloud apps faster. By enabling businesses to be API-first, it provides them with the flexibility to swap out connected applications for new ones, or to add new systems to existing integrations, without loss of data integrity. This provides businesses with agility to implement new strategies, connect new technoloies, and experiment with new ideas significantly faster.

6. Ensure security and privacy compliance

Centralizing all integrations and data on one platform, the iPaaS cultivates better security and makes it easier for businesses to comply with privacy legislislations like GDPR, SOC2, and CCPA. Additionally, iPaaS solutions adhere to the latest security standards and being cloud-based/native solutions, provide better error management, protection from security issues, and reactivation procedures.

"Enable digital transformation, business automation, and cost-optimization from one future-proof integration platform"

In summary, businesses are increasingly using the iPaaS to simplify integration efforts, reduce costs, improve data quality, and adapt to changing technology landscapes. The iPaaS is enabling organizations to harness the full potential of their digital ecosystem by connecting and automating processes across various systems and applications.

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