6 Benefits of Using an iPaaS

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August 3, 2021

An iPaaS is a cloud-based platform that connects otherwise disjointed systems to deliver a clear and unified solution to customers. An iPaaS acts as an intermediary of communication between multiple systems allowing for integrations and data-sharing.

Software companies often rely on an iPaaS to supply the infrastructure for creating connections and deploying software applications within the cloud.

Employing an iPaaS has many benefits that streamline your internal and external workflows, providing your company within significant scalability and oversight:

Through an iPaaS, you can manage and carry out your integrations yourself without having to rely on third parties to do it for you.

✓ An iPaaS offers crucial monitoring and logging features that allow you to anticipate and eliminate any potential errors that you may occur through an extremely user-friendly interface.

✓ With an iPaaS, all integrations are both visible and traceable.

✓ An iPaaS eradicates the buildup of data silos that often bear a heavy load. Through an iPaaS, you can therefore reduce the cost of ownership by a mere 33%.

✓ An iPaaS reduces your marketing time by approximately 40%, as you can add new integration software into your IT landscape

✓ An iPaaS solution cultivates better security and compliance as it identifies security breaches and issues instantly.

“Highlight and solve problems without the need for technical knowledge"

The Alumio iPaaS is a leading cloud-based integration platform as a service where users can create integration flows via the graphical user interface without having to develop code. An iPaaS solution is the pinnacle of integrations as it does all the work for you, whilst eliminating the stresses known to projects of custom code and plugins.

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