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Optimize ROI with the Alumio iPaaS

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September 19, 2022

Most modernizing businesses seek to digitalize and automate their business processes by integrating software solutions and cloud applications. While the traditional way to develop these integrations involves writing custom code, most companies are starting to use a next-gen integration solution called the iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service). The Alumio iPaaS is a cloud-based, integration platform that helps simplify how businesses develop and govern software integrations, with minimal IT support. While there are many cost optimization benefits of creating integrations with the Alumio iPaaS instead of with custom code, one of the key business benefits that it promises is a great increase in ROI (Return on Investment).

How the Alumio iPaaS helps increase business ROI

Thinking of creating your first software integrations or complex omnichannel experiences? Looking to upgrade or migrate old system integrations quickly? Considering integrating new software solutions and applications to improve digital growth?

The Alumio iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) helps businesses hit the ground running with their digital transformation journey by providing a ready-to-use integration platform to fulfill all software integration needs. It helps them connect software solutions for business automation in a fast and flexible way. And, most importantly, at predictable prices.

“If you’re already automating your business with tools like: BitBucket, JIRA, HubSpot or other Project management tools, why write custom code to create system integrations when you can use an iPaaS?”

As a cloud-based, low-code integration platform, the Alumio iPaaS helps quickly and cost-effectively deploy and govern software integrations with automated tools and without custom coding. It helps businesses significantly optimize the cost and time it takes to develop and maintain these software integrations for digital transformation.

In this regard, the Alumio iPaaS makes it easier for businesses to effectively plan and calculate their ROI on integrations and digital growth, by helping them:

Save on creating an internal integration solution

One of the biggest business advantages of using the Alumio iPaaS is that it helps businesses skip the significant costs, time, and risks involved in developing and managing internal integration solutions.
Instead of investing expensive resources and many months to prepare a solution for creating integrations, the Alumio iPaaS enables businesses to start integrating software within weeks. As a result, businesses can already test and freely tweak their integrations to suit business needs better.
More importantly, this helps businesses avoid the hidden costs of maintaining, updating, and troubleshooting their own integration solution. It also prevents the unpredictable costs and hours their IT team or integration partner spends on all these processes, which often devours a business' ROI.  

Avoid spending on platform security, updates, and compliance

Apart from saving businesses the costs and hassles of developing and maintaining an internal integration solution, the Alumio iPaaS is constantly improved to meet evolving industry standards, in terms of performance and security. By providing regular platform and software updates, the highest levels of data security, scalable infrastructure, and cloud space, the Alumio iPaaS saves businesses from investing resources in constantly improving or expanding such features.

Additionally, the Alumio iPaaS also helps businesses stay compliant with key privacy legislations like GDPR, SOC2, CCPA, FERPA, HIPAA, and more. To adhere to these privacy regulations, businesses must be able to prove how they track and manage customer data. By centralizing all integrations on one platform, the Alumio iPaaS provides businesses with complete data control and access across all connected systems.

Get 360-degree data insights

Providing a centralized view of all integrations and data, the Alumio iPaaS helps businesses identify where they are losing money and what touchpoints need to be improved. This includes tracking overall customer engagement and identifying process inefficiencies. These insights can be used to optimize the targeting of marketing activities, ad spends, and budgets for business improvements.

Apart from helping businesses significantly increase their ROI, the Alumio iPaaS offers two other major cost optimization advantages. To discover more, please read:

However, if you’d like to read all the financial benefits that the Alumio iPaaS results in, download the whitepaper - ‘Cost Optimization Benefits of an iPaaS’.

Looking to experience first-hand how the Alumio iPaaS works and helps cost-optimize your business with software integrations? Click here to get a personalized demo by one of our integration specialists.

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