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Software love stories - Shopware x Commercetools x Sage

Written by
Carla Hetherington
Published on
January 25, 2023

At Alumio, we take every opportunity we can get to make the right connections, and what better time to celebrate togetherness than during the month of love itself? After all, true love looks like a streamlined connection.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are proud to introduce: Software Love Stories, a collection of tales featuring pairs of star-crossed software.

This time around, however, the plot thickens, as it is not a pair we are dealing with but an intricate love triangle, or as they call it in the world of e-commerce - an omnichannel experience…

This particular tale follows the story of Shopware (the charismatic heartthrob), Commerce Tools (the chivalrous suitor), Sage (the prized sweetheart), Mio (the matchmaker), and Alumio (the solution).

1.  The charismatic heartthrob

Meet Shopware, a trendsetting open-source e-commerce platform through which to create innovative online stores of any size, for any sector. Whether it is physical merchandise or digital products, B2C or B2B, Shopware enables users to customize and automate their business processes in an intuitive manner and without the need for coding.

Like any prototypical heartthrob, Shopware has a great number of unique, charismatic traits, such as:

  • Various extensions and modules to connect sales channels, enabling seamless automation of order processing
  • User-friendliness in both the front and back end with a drag & drop interface
  • Built-in SEO-friendly tools
  • Comprehensive CMC (Content Management Capabilities)
  • Multi-store approach
  • Out-of-the-box marketing functionalities

Tired of the bachelor lifestyle, Shopware decided it was time to settle down and find the right ERP software with which to ensure business growth and scalability. As the market leader for accounting, payroll, and payment systems, Sage seemed like the perfect match. However, there was another suitor competing for the ERP’s attention…

2. The chivalrous suitor

Meet Commerce Tools, a leading platform for next-generation B2C and B2B commerce designed for medium and large-sized companies. The platform is built on MACH principles (Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless), making it easy to adapt and cater to specific business and customer needs. Commerce Tools users can enjoy innovative shopping experiences and many advantages, such as:

  • Decoupled of front and back end, fostering adaptability to make quick changes and meet demands
  • Individual and personalized commerce experience thanks to microservice-based approach
  • Stable back end that can accommodate business growth and scalability

Even though Commerce Tools was a modern solution, it was old-fashioned when it came to matters of the heart, and was set on finding a long-term commitment with an ERP platform. One day, while taking a stroll in the cloud, Commerce Tools bumped into Sage. It was love at first click, and Commerce Tools was immediately lovesick!

Honoring the code of chivalry, Commerce Tools was a courageous, polite, and loyal suitor, and did not harbor any feelings of animosity towards Shopware, (even though the thought of challenging Shopware to a duel at dawn had come to thought once or twice). Both platforms agreed to court Sage fair and square, but it was up to the ERP to decide which platform to integrate with and have over for tea.

3. The prized sweetheart

Meet Sage, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that integrates day-to-day business processes. Sage connects all data points and offers exact and real-time business insights, enabling business leaders to streamline all company activity. Whether it is accounting, HR, inventory management, or CRM, Sage bundles all the data into a single secure database and allows for a seamless exchange of information across the business.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Sage was a very popular and sought-after business management software. When approached by the two great platforms, Sage simply could not choose one, and so decided to integrate with both.

4. The matchmaker

Meet Mio, an Alumio "iPaaS Advocate," "Integrations Influencer," and, of course, "Certified Software Matchmaker." As a champion of true love, Mio makes it his mission to match software with the ideal, compatible partner(s), ensuring a fruitful and prosperous relationship that always results in positive business impact. Mio has enjoyed a successful career in the matchmaking business thanks to none other than Alumio: the secret weapon behind his unparalleled matchmaking abilities and the solution to lonely software.

5. The solution

Meet Alumio, a cloud-based, low-code iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) that enables the seamless connection of ERPs with any e-commerce software. With Alumio, businesses can monitor, manage, and modify their connections via one central, user-friendly interface. More specifically, Alumio allows businesses to:

  • Have complete control over all their API data
  • Detect integration errors and API conflicts
  • Get 360-degree performance insights
  • Seamlessly transform data into the desired formats

As a middleware solution, Alumio is a cost-effective, flexible, and future-proof solution to integrate Shopware, Commerce Tools, and Sage, enabling the synchronization of data objects between the three. As such, it enables customers to scale their company and fulfill their business needs anytime, anywhere. After all, a well-run business is a well-integrated business!

Thanks to Mio’s matchmaking powers, Shopware, Commerce Tools, and Sage lived happily ever after and, together, ensured the optimization of many business processes. What started out as a tricky love triangle resulted in a successful throuple, and Sage turned to poetry to describe their wonderful symmetry:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I love Commerce Tools,

and Shopware too.

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