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Software love stories - BigCommerce x Akeneo

Written by
Carla Hetherington
Published on
January 25, 2023

At Alumio, we take every opportunity we can get to make the right connections, and what better time to celebrate togetherness than during the month of love itself? After all, true love looks like a streamlined connection.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are proud to introduce: Software Love Stories, a collection of tales featuring pairs of star-crossed software.

This particular tale follows the story of BigCommerce (the cynical suitor), Akeneo (the optimistic paramour), Mio (the matchmaker), and Alumio (the solution).

1. The cynical suitor

Meet BigCommerce, a leading open SaaS (Software as a Service) e-commerce platform for retailers wanting to build a store and sell their products. The platform is designed for all business types and sizes and includes features such as online store design, shipping options, marketing, and security.

Dreading the loneliness that came with the single life, BigCommerce was searching for a long-term commitment with a PIM (Product Information Management) solution with which to ensure business growth and scalability. However, BigCommerce was skeptical about ever finding the right software to share commerce data with since the e-commerce landscape was filled with custom code errors and API conflicts that got in the way of true love.

Still, BigCommerce was quite a catch. Among other things, BigCommerce, provided:

  • Access cross-channel commerce
  • Intuitive built-in features
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 65+ payment solutions
  • Unlimited bandwidth

2. The optimistic paramour

Meet Akeneo, a leading PIM solution for non-technical users that enables brands to create optimal, consistent customer experiences across all sales channels, streamline product catalog management and enhance product data quality and accuracy on a single platform.

Much like BigCommerce, Akeneo was set on establishing a stable and committed connection with an e-commerce software solution. A born problem-solver, Akeneo had a more optimistic outlook on the matter and did not let the thought of integration errors get in the way of finding the right match.

Thus, it seemed as though their romance was written in the stars, and Akeneo and BigCommerce were bound to fall in love. But… How could they ever meet one another without being introduced first?

3. The matchmaker

Meet Mio, an Alumio "iPaaS Advocate," "Integrations Influencer," and, of course, "Certified Software Matchmaker." As a champion of true love, Mio makes it his mission to match software with the ideal, compatible partner, ensuring a fruitful and prosperous relationship that always results in a positive business impact. Mio has enjoyed a successful career in the matchmaking business thanks to none other than Alumio: the secret weapon behind his unparalleled matchmaking abilities and the solution to lonely software.

4. The solution

Meet Alumio, a cloud-based, low-code iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) that enables the seamless connection of BigCommerce to any PIM software. With Alumio, businesses can monitor, manage, and modify their connections via one central, user-friendly interface. More specifically, Alumio allows businesses to:

  • Have complete control over all their API data
  • Detect integration errors and API conflicts
  • Get 360-degree performance insights
  • Seamlessly transform data into desired formats

As a middleware solution, Alumio is a cost-effective solution to integrate BigCommerce and Akeneo in a fast, flexible, and future-proof way, allowing customers to scale their company and fulfill their business needs anytime, anywhere. After all, a well-run business is a well-integrated business!

Thanks to Alumio’s built-in Monitoring and Logging system, integration hiccups such as API conflicts were quickly detected and promptly resolved, allowing eternal love to flourish undisturbed. Legend says that the happy couple came together and enabled merchants to retrieve and improve product information from any source, upgrade product catalogs through extensive capabilities, enhance brand and product experiences, increase conversions, and reduce their TTM. In fact, in an unbridled proclamation of love, BigCommerce made Akeneo the platform’s one and only global preferred PIM partner. When all is said and done,  

“Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.”

François Rabelais.

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