Hello Fellow Alu-mio-ns!
I'm Mio!

... I go by many names - Mio the First Integrator, Mio the Second to None Connector, Mio the Non-Third Party Middleware... But -

You can call me Mio!

And, I'm the new Alumio mascot!

Why does Alumio need a mascot?

Alumio makes integrations simple. I'm here to help make integrations even simpler!

I love that Alumio takes integrating software, cloud apps, data, and technology very seriously. But, that’s why I am here to help make it all fun and easier to understand.

Where am I from?

I come from the Great Cloud Space where software and data harmony reigns and the iPaaS helps develop, govern, and orchestrate integrations to improve data sharing.

Why is Mio here?

My purpose on earth is to end the chaos that results from the lack of software connectivity and point-to-point custom code integrations.

I aim to do so by connecting different software solutions, cloud apps, and data sources on one cloud-based platform. A place where they all speak the same language, share data seamlessly, and interact without the need for custom code.

Discovering that’s exactly what Alumio does, I decided to join in its mission to become the global standard for integrating software, across on-premises and cloud environments.

What you need to know about me


Data languages

Human languages


Mio Joke #33:

What does grandkid say when grandad asks, “do you know what clouds are made up of?” Grandkid says - “Software, apps, data, and files!”

All kinds of software, data, and technology
Exploring new APIs
Eating IT spaghetti
Data transformation
Data insight and analysis
Data silos
Point-to-point integrations
Custom code
Slow time to market
Lack of diversity


Organizing future-proof IT ecosystems
Software matchmaking
Solving complex puzzles
Inventing integration puns
Stay tuned for
more... Or should I say - Mio!”