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Unify all your data and application integrations!

Unlock limitless software connectivity and real-time data exchange with the Alumio API-driven integration platform.

A colorful, nicely rendered 3D visualization of the Alumio Marketplace, showcasing that solutions like Sage, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and many more can easily be integrated via the Alumio marketplace.

Connect to any point, without limitations!

Be digital-first and data-driven

The Alumio “integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)” is a next-gen middleware that helps integrate the latest SaaS and cloud apps, as well as legacy and on-premises systems. As an API-first, low-code solution, it helps build highly customizable integrations between any endpoints, without the hassles of custom code. It also provides a rich library of connectors to build faster integrations with popular software.

Discover our high-performance platform architecture

Maximize flexibility, scalability, and automation

Alumio is designed to work as a central hub that helps seamlessly govern and orchestrate entire ecosystems of data and application integration. Explore the horizontally and vertically scalable, high-performance, cloud-native infrastructure of the Alumio integration platform, based on the following architectural pillars:

Dependency injection

Decoupled architecture



A 3D visual of the cloud-native Alumio integration platform dashboard.

Network & Infrastructure

A scalable solution delivered in your region

Hosting is an important aspect that influences the scalability of the platform. Alumio is a scalable solution that works seamlessly with the open-source system "Kubernetes" and is equipped with high-performance hosting infrastructures that are ready for worldwide rollout to international enterprise companies.

100% Performance & Insights

Get holistic data visibility and real-time exchange

Discover why organizations across industries trust the Alumio iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) to process thousands of transactions per second, deliver great uptime, and support thousands of cloud-native Alumio environments. Explore the actionable insights that Alumio provides across all integrated systems.

2.1 million data transfers per day

100k data transfers per minute

Guaranteed uptime

A 3D render of mainly purple elements but also including colorful highlights - showcasing the Alumio iPaaS dashboard, its reporting and analytics capabilities, as well as a search bar icon, a security icon, growth chart icons and many more, to showcase how integrations can be used for better, smarter and more coherent business intelligence insights and decision makings.

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