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Software love stories - Dynamics x Shopify

Written by
Carla Hetherington
Published on
January 25, 2023

At Alumio, we take every opportunity we can get to make the right connections, and what better time to celebrate togetherness than during the month of love itself? After all, true love looks like a streamlined connection.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are proud to introduce: Software Love Stories, a collection of tales featuring pairs of star-crossed software.

This particular tale follows the story of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (the lonely bachelor), Shopify (the love interest), Mio (the matchmaker), and Alumio (the solution).

1. The lonely bachelor

Meet Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV and hereafter referred to as “Dynamics”), a comprehensive business management solution designed to meet the financial and operational needs of small and midsize enterprises. Although a bachelor, Dynamics was never scared of long-term commitments and provided businesses with multiple intelligent Microsoft cloud technologies to ensure their future through growth and scalability.

However, Dynamics, used to the single life, was unsure whether the right software to share commerce data with would ever come along. As far as Dynamics was concerned, finding the right connection in today’s e-commerce landscape was a complicated endeavor since the necessary platforms and B2B & B2C API points needed to integrate successfully with e-commerce software were scarce. Additionally, this would require the involvement of expensive consultants and bespoke, complex coding projects, and so Dynamics lost faith in ever finding the right match to successfully operate an e-commerce platform with.

This was surprising to everyone since Dynamics was quite a catch. Among other things, with Dynamics, customers could enjoy:

  • Flexible deployment and eradication of organizational silos
  • Enhanced financial and business performance  
  • Improved customer service
  • Streamlined inventory and supply chain management

2. The love interest

Meet Shopify, a subscription-based software that allows users to set up and customize an online store without the hassles of servers and expensive development projects present in self-hosted platforms. By providing the necessary technical infrastructure to run an online store, Shopify is popular among non-technical users as it makes adding products, applying discounts, and processing orders an easy task. Being an easy-going software, Shopify was content with life and extremely busy running successful online businesses, but there was something missing…

3. The matchmaker

Meet Mio, an Alumio "iPaaS Advocate," "Integrations Influencer," and, of course, "Certified Software Matchmaker." As a champion of true love, Mio makes it his mission to match software with their ideal, compatible partner, ensuring a fruitful and prosperous relationship that always results in a positive business impact. Mio has enjoyed a successful career in the matchmaking business thanks to none other than Alumio: the secret weapon behind his unparalleled matchmaking abilities and the solution to lonely software.

4. The solution

Meet Alumio, a cloud-native, low-code iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) that enables the seamless connection of Dynamics to any e-commerce software. With Alumio, businesses can monitor, manage, and modify their connections via one central, user-friendly interface. More specifically, Alumio allows businesses to:

  • Have complete control over all their API data
  • Detect integration errors and API conflicts
  • Get 360-degree performance insights
  • Seamlessly transform data into the desired formats

As a middleware solution, Alumio can establish a bidirectional connection between Shopify and Dynamics, enabling the synchronization of data objects between the two. As such, it is a cost-effective solution to integrate Dynamics and e-commerce software in a fast, flexible, and future-proof way, allowing customers to scale their company and fulfill their business needs anytime, anywhere. After all, a well-run business is a well-integrated business!

Thus, the match between Dynamics and Shopify was made in the clouds, and, not surprisingly, it was love at first sight. Don’t believe in fairytales? Hear from one of our happy customers:

"We are using Alumio to connect Dynamics Navision with Shopify which allows us to synchronize inventory and orders. This is important to us because it saves us a lot of manual work and ensures a more updated Inventory in Shopify."


What started out as a pitiful tale ended in a successful connection and an up-to-date inventory perfectly synchronized with orders. Thanks to Mio’s matchmaking powers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify lived happily ever after and, together, ensured the optimization of Umage’s (and many others) business processes. Shakespeare put it best when he said:

“All's well that ends well.”

Looking to connect your software with Microsoft Dynamics 365? Visit https://www.alumio.com/platforms/microsoft-dynamics-365, and discover a world of possibilities!

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