Connect customers with your software using the Alumio iPaaS!

The easiest way to integrate your software with multiple platforms.
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Save the costs of building separate integrations
Reduce your Time to Market
Save time for your developers

Simplify your growth

Standardize integrations with the Alumio iPaaS

Connect your software via the the Alumio iPaaS to the entire digital ecosystem of SaaS solutions and cloud apps with only one API integration! Save time and money by offering your software users future-roof connectivity with the digital world.

Without Alumio

Multiple integrations require many solutions

It takes time and effort to create integrations with each new software solution, resulting in a long Time to Market. Furthermore:

Budget and time required from your in-house team to create all integrations

Your in-house team is responsible for monitoring and optimizations

Ongoing maintenance costs

Your team will be responsible for contacting support regarding any issues

Managing ongoing integrations can be complex, costly, and time-consuming for any IT department. Creating integrations yourself results in loss of focus and valuable resources.

It takes time and effort to create integrations with each new software solution, resulting in a long Time to Market. Furthermore:

With Alumio

One easy integration with Alumio

Connecting software via the Alumio iPaaS means you will be connected to the digital world via only one iPaaS platform—with smart low-code features.

Using the Alumio iPaaS means having all external connections in one place

Build integrations 4 times faster using our low-code integration platform

Get robust logging and monitoring

Choose from our rich library of connectors (pre-built integrations) to integrate popular software faster

Get more time to focus on product development

The Alumio integration platform helps your in-house team to build integrations efficiently, or outsource all your integrations to an Alumio integration partner of your choice.

Unlock software connectivity

with the Alumio iPaaS

Save valuable time

Enable users to create, monitor, and mange all integrations with your software from one user-friendly interface. Save the time of your core-development team!

Lower operational costs

Connecting different systems individually for data exchange is very costly, as is the ongoing maintenance. Alumio helps you integrate multiple software quickly and cost-effectively from one platform.

Implement Connectors

Alumi provides a rich library of connectors that can be used to develop faster integrations with popular software solutions, in just a few weeks!

Be flexible and scalable

Alumio provides developer-friendly flexible data transformation features, along with the ability to create custom integrations in a scalable way. 

Integrate faster with connectors

Experience low-code integrations

Build and govern integrations without custom code

As a low-code integration platform, Alumio provides a cloud-based, user-friendly web interface that enables even customers, project managers, and junior developers to build integrations, without custom code.

Unlock unlimited customizations and integration flexibility!

Alumio also provides developer-friendly features that enables advanced custom mappings and data transformations. In other words, Alumio provides the flexibility to build tailored customizations bespoke integration requirements.


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