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September 19, 2022

Most modernizing businesses seek to digitalize and automate their business processes by integrating software solutions and cloud applications. While the traditional way to develop these integrations involves writing custom code, most companies are starting to use a next-gen integration solution called the iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service).

The Alumio iPaaS is a cloud-based, integration platform that helps simplify how businesses develop and govern software integrations, with minimal IT support. While there are many cost optimization benefits of creating integrations with an iPaaS instead of with custom code, one of the key business benefits that it provides is that it ensures faster TTM (Time to Market).

How the Alumio iPaaS helps improve TTM (Time to Market)

By enabling businesses to integrate systems, software solutions, and applications rapidly, the Alumio iPaaS boosts cost optimization by improving TTM (Time to Market). In other words, it helps businesses launch, test, and improve products, and services in the market, significantly faster.

Let’s assume a business is preparing for a Seasonal Sale that is to take place in a month. To optimize the product experience and boost sales, the business decides to integrate its e-commerce platform with a PIM (Product Information Management) system. However, the e-commerce platform is also integrated with the business’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which means that the PIM system will have to be integrated with two connected endpoints (e-commerce to ERP).

Creating these point-to-point integrations (with custom code) and ensuring full data integrity within a month, is too much of operational risk. On the other hand, the Alumio iPaaS can be used to create a seamless cross-platform (PIM to ERP and e-commerce) integration within a matter of weeks, without any loss of data integrity. In fact, the platform additionally provides the business with strong caching capabilities and the capacity to manage huge order loads during peak sales. Additionally, its automated error detection capabilities will ensure that the cross-platform integration is ready to market, without any errors or conflicts.

3 benefits the Alumio iPaaS provides to improve TTM (Time to Market)

Some of the many ways by which the Alumio iPaaS helps businesses achieve faster time to market is by enabling them to:

Seamlessly add or interchange integrations. The platform enables businesses to seamlessly add new software connections to existing integrations, with support for REST, Custom HTTP, FTP, VPN, database connections, and many more. If a connected application needs to be removed or exchanged with a new solution, the platform allows users to seamlessly replace the application with a new one, without any loss of data integrity. This enables businesses to freely experiment with integrating newer applications to improve time to market.

Use connector packages as an integration shortcut. To help develop integrations significantly faster, the Alumio iPaaS offers a growing selection of pre-built integrations. Deploying these connector packages helps swiftly connect popular software or systems, in a matter of days. The platform also offers integration tools to flexibly modify and adjust these ready-to-use integrations to suit specific business needs. Users can also save and reuse the configurations of any new integrations they build with the Alumio iPaaS.

Enable workflow automation. The Alumio iPaaS allows you to chain processes across integrations to automate a complex sequence of workflows. This helps automate repetitive manual processes, such as simultaneously sending real-time product stock updates from the ERP system to the e-commerce platform and PIM system.  It is also useful for automating data entry work and scheduling daily, weekly, or even monthly tasks.

Apart from helping businesses significantly improve their time to market, the Alumio iPaaS offers two other major cost optimization advantages. To discover, please read:

However, if you’d like to read all the financial benefits that the Alumio iPaaS results in, download the whitepaper - ‘Cost Optimization Benefits of an iPaaS’.

If you’re looking to get a first-hand how the Alumio iPaaS can help you cost-optimize your business with software integrations? Click here to get a personalized demo by one of our integration specialists.

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