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Alumio at Webwinkel Vakdagen 2024

Written by
Carla Hetherington
Published on
February 21, 2024

A month has passed since we attended Webwinkel Vakdagen 2024. It’s time to reflect on the outcome of the event and share some insights!

The evolution of Alumio at Webwinkel Vakdagen

Webwinkel Vakdagen has been the meeting platform for the entire e-commerce industry for more than 16 years, and we recently attended the event for the third year in a row.

As we look at this year’s edition of Webwinkel Vakdagen in the rearview mirror, we reflect on the progress we have made as a team and how it has been showcased each year at the event: In 2022, we attended together with Shopware and shared a stand as their partners; In 2023, we had our very own stand; In 2024, not only did we have our own stand, but we also had our partners Pimcore, Memo, and Memo Data Connections sharing our stand. Our CEO, Caspar Hardholt, gave a great presentation with one of our trusted customers, Essentiel Antwerp, and with one of our valuable partners, Ergonode.

The need for flexibility and the role of Composable Commerce

From talking to those who were in attendance, one thing was clear! The need for a flexible integration solution is an increasing priority for most e-commerce businesses. Here’s why:

With the rising popularity of Composable Commerce, businesses are shifting their focus from seeking all-in-one monolithic platforms to finding a solution that can help them accommodate not just one, but several systems. Their main wish? Flexibility.

In this context, flexibility means being able to integrate best-of-breed systems without the need to re-platform, fostering adaptability to new markets, channels, and customer demands. This translates to PBCs (Packaged Business Capabilities) used in composable structures that can be deployed independently and modified over time, eradicating the liabilities that stem from rigid pairings of services. Ultimately, the main desire is to achieve a cost-effective approach to e-commerce that substitutes the high costs and huge time investment involved in maintaining outdated all-in-one platforms. As such, attendees were very interested in our solution and the role we play in enabling composable structures.

How can Alumio accommodate Composable Commerce?

Simply put, Alumio provides the necessary scalable infrastructure needed to build unlimited composable integrations with third-party services, APIs, and data sources.

As a cloud-native integration platform, the Alumio iPaaS leverages the power of clustered microservices technology in order to provide exceptional scalability, customizability, and performance. Additionally, our solution provides dedicated resources and multiple isolated microservices on a secure cloud environment engineered to provide a highly scalable and resilient platform. Most importantly, Alumio is the middleware that helps hold all Composable Commerce components together, enabling businesses to leverage the full potential of their e-commerce ecosystem.

Since we already anticipated that attendees would be keen on learning about Composable Commerce, our CEO, Caspar Hardholt gave a presentation together with Lucien Schut, E-commerce and omnichannel specialist at Essentiel Antwerp, one of our trusted customers. During the presentation, Caspar and Lucien discussed Essentiel Antwerp’s brand identity, vision, and technological landscape, showcasing how Alumio enables Composable Commerce and why this approach is the future of e-commerce.

Achieving faster time-to-market with our connectors

Besides the widespread interest in the subject of Composable Commerce, attendees heavily inquired about specific systems we help integrate. This is no surprise as most of the people in attendance were e-commerce professionals and knew exactly which systems they were missing and wished to connect. The answer, most of the time, is that we can connect to virtually anything! (As you can see in our marketplace).

Not only that but since we know that some systems are extremely popular among users, we also offer tailored connectors that connect specific systems in a short amount of time. Our connectors allow users to start integrating with their preferred software in no time, considerably accelerating their time-to-market.

Additionally, Alumio connectors provide numerous benefits from simplified integration processes to real-time data synchronization, enhanced visibility, and increased productivity, Alumio connectors streamline data integration efforts. Thus, by providing a vast library of connectors, Alumio empowers businesses to optimize all their operations by quickly integrating all their systems.

Since speed is crucial in the e-commerce race, attendees were very interested in learning about our connectors. Our account executives and our partners, Memo Data Connections, who specialize in creating premium connector packages, gave a substantial number of demos showing how Alumio users can quickly set up an integration with one of our many connectors.

What connectors does Alumio offer?

Whether it's manufacturers looking to build B2B or D2C digital commerce experiences or retailers looking to grow their e-commerce exponentially, Alumio provides connectors to help rapidly integrate relevant systems, SaaS solutions, or cloud apps, some of which are:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage, or NetSuite that help track and manage inbound and outbound logistics, as well as human resource management.
  • E-commerce platforms like Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento), WooCommerce, and Shopware that enable businesses to swiftly build web shops to sell and market their products digitally.
  • PIM (Product Information Management) systems like Akeneo, Pimcore, and inriver that help centralize, store, enrich, and update product information.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk that help track customer data, improve customer support, and automate marketing initiatives at every business touch-point.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) that helps with the paperless exchange of B2B information for procurement or sales in a standard electronic format, ensuring data accuracy and faster transactions.
  • Channel Marketing Software like ChannelEngine and Channable that help simplify creating, managing, and optimizing e-commerce product listings across multiple channels like Amazon, Alibaba, and BOL.

Final thoughts on Webwinkel Vakdagen 2024

In short, Webwinkel Vakdagen 2024 was a roaring success and the prospects we met were interesting and diverse. We met with entrepreneurs looking for a scalable platform to grow their business and mature business owners interested in a robust platform that cabn help automate their processes and accommodate their growth in a future-proof way. Whatever the businesses challenge, our account executives assisted visitors in their research and together explored whether Alumio could be a good fit for them and their business.

Given the outcome of the event, we have already signed up for Webwinkel Vakdagen 2025. We look forward to meeting even more intriguing prospects and hope to continue sharing our passion for cutting-edge integration solutions. See you next year!

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