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Alumio's Partner Event 2024

Written by
Carla Hetherington
Published on
February 22, 2024

Two weeks ago, we hosted Alumio’s Integration Banquet, our exclusive partner event, in the beautiful location of Landgoed De Salentein in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. The event was a true success, filled with insightful presentations from both Alumions and our partners. Here’s a brief recap in case you missed it!

Alumio's progress in 2023

During the event, our CEO, Caspar Hardholt, our CRO, Koen de Vrij, and our Project Manager, Maria Bruijn, discussed our progress in 2023 from different angles. The main takeaways are that we expanded into 13 worldwide markets, got over 250 satisfied customers and over 100 partners, attended seven different partner events, launched our premium connectors as part of our beta program, and achieved significant revenue growth.

Additionally, in 2023, we also achieved our ISO 27001 Certification, which will ensure we continue delivering the highest security standards to our customers, who trust us with their sensitive data.

Other noteworthy developments in 2023 include the launching of:

  • Alumio Forum: A meeting platform for Alumio users equipped with informative documentation, communication threads, and other relevant materials to solve all integration-related queries, roadblocks faster.
  • Alumio Talks: Our very own podcast channel with captivating discussions on trending industry topics featuring expert speakers.
  • Alumio Academy: A learning space where Alumio users can explore integration and industry-relevant topics in an interactive way.

Discover more about our progress in 2023 here →

Strategic partnerships and Alumio Spaces

Last year, we established a strategic partnership with Spryker wherein they use our iPaaS as an integrated part of their own IT architecture: the Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio. This is part of the white-labelling solution that Alumio provides software vendors and system integrators and goes hand-in-hand with Alumio Spaces, which we officially launched during the event at the hands of one of our Account Executives, Steve Robberrechts.

Alumio Spaces is designed for system integrators and software vendors to take ownership of their customers' integrations and manage them effectively from one secure cloud space. The goal behind this is for partners to build their own business proposition around our product and market it to their customers as their own.

With Alumio Spaces, partners have access to:

  • A secure integration environment within the Alumio Base Platform for tailored configurations
  • Granular access control for internal and external users with an unlimited number of users
  • Limitless customer connections, unlimited integration capabilities, and workflow automation
  • Optional white-labeling in their branding and a partnership model designed to be scalable
  • Localized performance and compliance, with Alumio available on a single Base Platform across every Amazon AWS region

Find out more about Alumio Spaces here →

Our goals for 2024

During the event, we presented our market strategy, marketing plans, and product roadmap for 2024. Our main goals for the near future include:

  • Becoming a full self-service platform
  • Enhancing our customer success and support capabilities
  • Delving into value-based marketing
  • Deploying sales teams in various regions
  • Growing our channel marketing program and providing partners with the ability to build their own proposition

Our product roadmap for 2024 was extremely well-received by our partners and will, therefore, be turned into a webpage soon. Stay tuned!

Within the marketing department, some of our goals for next year include expanding our current initiatives, such as recording additional episodes of Alumio Talks with our partners and customers, creating new courses on Alumio Academy, writing more case studies, onboarding new users to Alumio Forum, adding a host of new connections to our marketplace, and much more…

Connect any platform in just one day with Premium Connector Packages

Our partner, Memo Data Connections, specializes in creating premium connector packages with Alumio for seamless integration of different platforms. During the event, Johan Moorman, CEO of Memo Data Connections, explained how, with traditional connectors, a connector is built for a connection from A to B, and then a second connector is built from A to C, meaning the product data is replicated.

The premium connector packages developed by Memo Data Connections ensure data is delivered to the platform quickly and easily in the right format without the need to be replicated. This ensures a shorter Time-to-Market, better data insights, and a swift migration of product data to streamline e-commerce business.

For now, the available premium connector packages include Akeneo, Shopware, Channelengine, and Spryker.

Discover more about Memo Data Connections here →

Empowering Composable Commerce with Alumio

Lucien Schut, E-commerce and Omnichannel Specialist at Essentiel Antwerp, one of our customers, gave a presentation about Essentiel Antwerp’s technological ambitions and how Alumio has been the engine behind their Composable Commerce adoption.

During the presentation, partners were able to understand how Alumio provides the necessary scalable infrastructure needed to build composable integrations with third-party services, APIs, and data sources. This scalable infrastructure has given Essentiel Antwerp the flexibility and freedom to choose the applications and third-party services that align with their needs better. The result? Unparalleled customizability and performance.

In short, Alumio is the middleware that helps hold all Composable Commerce components together, enabling businesses like Essentiel Antwerp to leverage the full potential of their e-commerce ecosystem.

Learn more about Composable Commerce here →

Alumio’s proactive Customer Success strategy

Our Head of Customer Success, Annemieke Statz, gave a presentation on the functioning and organization of the customer success team. The Alumio customer success team is proactive, solution-focused, and deeply committed to empowering both partners and customers to reach their goals. They do so through various channels: phone, email, and our ticketing system, and they provide informational resources via the Alumio Forum, Alumio Academy, and Alumio Talks.

The strategy the team applies to avoid and solve escalations is as follows: it begins with a multi-channel inquiry reception, leading to an intelligent categorization and prioritization of issues. Then, the team’s efficient ticket routing allows for a proactive resolution process. Once the issue at hand has been resolved, there is a feedback loop for service enhancement, as we always strive to provide the utmost quality service to our customers and partners.

Whenever we onboard a new partner, we begin a collaborative process where multiple stakeholders work together throughout the project lifecycle. The interactions are constant and manifold as we participate in joint problem-solving and shared decision-making, as reflected in shared documents. In any project we take on, there is shared responsibility and collective ownership from start to finish, leveraging our team’s diverse skills and perspectives to achieve the best possible outcome.

How to build your own value proposition and sell better

Our partner, Paal15, is a global consulting and go-to-market agency dedicated to developing positioning and value propositions and bringing them to market through creative messaging and content. Paal15 helps B2B technology companies like service providers, ISVs, SIs, distributors, agencies, and hyper scalers with strategy, proposition development, messaging, and go-to-market and has an impressive portfolio of renowned customers such as Microsoft, Accenture, PWC, Salesforce, and Adobe, among others.

During the event, Werner Moison, partner at Paal15, discussed the importance of building your own proposition in today’s competitive market. Among their frequently encountered challenges, Paal15 deals with companies trying to launch into new regions and verticals, attempting to set up new routes to market for their solutions, looking to get to market faster with new value propositions, and aiming to make strategic partnerships shine. For that, Paal15 pays careful attention to defining a clear market positioning, proposition, and messaging.

Are you interested in building a robust value proposition? Learn more about Paal15 here →

Final thoughts on our partner event

Simply put, we are very pleased with the outcome of this event. Above all, we are extremely glad our partners found the presentations insightful and relevant. The topics we discussed sparked interesting conversations that lasted throughout dinner and gave us even more ideas for the future. Although there were many highlights, the main topic of discussion and excitement was undoubtedly our product roadmap, which includes many appealing new features for Alumio users and focuses on increasing our product’s usability. As mentioned above, we will soon make our product roadmap available.

To our partners: We strongly believe that the key to succeeding in today’s market heavily relies on finding the right partners to do so. Together, we can cater to our customers' technological needs better and help them thrive through fast and flexible integrations. We look forward to meeting again and working side by side for many years to come!

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