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Alumio wrapped 2023

Written by
Carla Hetherington
Published on
January 26, 2024

2023 has undoubtedly been a year marked by growth. From building valuable partnerships to empowering customers to operate our platform independently and achieving ISO 27001 Certification, we have innovated and grown every aspect of our business. As we zoom into 2024 with our foot on the accelerator, let’s take a peek at the rearview mirror and see all the wonderful things we achieved in 2023.

Making integrations simple

One of our proudest moments in 2023 has been witnessing our customers seamlessly navigate and utilize Alumio without our direct assistance. This serves as a testament to our commitment to user-friendly technology as well as to our customers' increased technical proficiency. What was once exclusively managed by our technical partners has now become a realm where our customers independently harness the power of Alumio for automation within their businesses. Moving forward, we are determined to stay true to our mission and continue making integrations accessible for everyone.

In the spirit of our mission, in 2023, we introduced the Alumio Forum, a meeting platform for Alumio users designed to simplify the Alumio iPaaS. Our Forum is equipped with informative documentation, communication threads, and other relevant materials to solve all integration-related queries, roadblocks, and confusions faster. Throughout the year, the Alumio Forum became a friendly, helpful, and exclusive community of Alumio experts, integration partners, and customers who benefited from unique tips and tricks to maximize the Alumio integration platform.

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To a similar effect, we also created Alumio Academy, a learning space where Alumio users can explore integration and industry-relevant topics in an interactive way. Alumio Academy boasts an impressive learning library with different courses and topics so users can easily navigate the platform and become integration experts at their own pace.

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Brand presence and industry recognition

In the past year, Alumio has experienced an unprecedented surge in brand presence within the integration industry. Our commitment to delivering flexible technology designed to simplify integrations has turned heads in the market, and we are a step closer to becoming industry leaders.

Additionally, in 2023, we created our very own brand mascot, Mio. For a whole year, our friendly integration influencer has helped to humanize our brand and added an element of playfulness and charisma to our communication. Mio’s purpose was to make our brand, product, and content more approachable and charismatic. A year down the line, it’s safe to say he accomplished exactly what he set out to do!

Upholding the highest security standards

A significant milestone for Alumio in 2023 is the achievement of our official ISO 27001 Certification. This certification will ensure we continue adhering to and delivering the highest security standards. As we evolve, security remains a paramount focus, ensuring our clients can trust Alumio with their sensitive data.

From a cloud-based to a cloud-native platform

In response to the dynamic technological landscape, Alumio has transitioned from a cloud-based platform to a cloud-native one. This shift enhances our agility and robustness, allowing us to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions at an affordable price. By reducing infrastructure costs for both us and our clients, becoming a cloud-native platform reinforces our commitment to accessible and efficient integration solutions.

Strategic partnerships

Our journey in 2023 has been enriched by valuable partnerships, notably with industry leaders like Spryker and ChannelEngine. These strategic alliances have propelled us to new heights, expanding our reach and influence in the market. Beyond the headlines, we've deepened collaborations with our existing partners through joint marketing activities, event sponsorships, and a shared commitment to simplifying integrations. Over the course of 2024, we hope to continue working closely with our partners and onboard them onto our brand-new partner program, which we will soon launch. Stay tuned!

New initiatives

In a bid to engage our audience further, we launched our very own podcast channel, "Alumio Talks." With captivating discussions on trending industry topics featuring expert speakers, our first two episodes, one in English and the other in Dutch, were very well-received. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of podcasting, and we invite partners and customers to join us in future episodes. Are you interested in participating? Send us an email at marketing@alumio.com.

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The future of Alumio

As we conclude this remarkable chapter, we set our sights on the road ahead. With a commitment to sustained growth, we aspire to be the integration powerhouse we envisioned at the beginning of our journey in 2018. To achieve that, this year, we will place great focus on improving our product, enhancing its usability and user-friendliness, and expanding our network of trusted customers and partners. As we enter the new year, we hope to keep helping make your integrations simple, flexible, and future-proof!

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