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Is your Magento-based business platform lacking functionality for B2B E-commerce? Do you want to work with company structures, eProcurement and create a real-time B2B customer portal?

Avoid complex custom development
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E-commerce is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity!

The B2B market is digitalizing rapidly, customers demand access to real-time data of their invoices and deliveries, the ability to import their orders via XML or CSV files, access to useful B2B real-time web services and more.  

Essential B2B features that Magento Open Source lacks:

  • Providing their customers and employees with limited roles
  • Making the process of ordering too complicated
  • No realtime customer-specific prices for B2B buyers

The power of e-commerce is growing

68 percent of B2B customers prefer to research solutions independently online, while 60 percent would rather not talk with a salesperson. In other words, traditional sales methods are a thing of the past and your online presence and catalog are what determine the success of your business nowadays.

While the market is getting bigger, B2B buyers are getting younger. 73 percent of 20 to 35-year-olds take part in the decision-making process at their companies when it comes to purchasing products and services.

Attract the Millennials and you will attract success. Ecommerce isn’t just the biggest thing at present, it’s also the future.

Integrate customer-specific B2B prices with your ERP

We believe that you should avoid copying complex price agreements and discounts to Magento. That is why we work through a real-time link with your ERP environment for both price and stock. This way, every customer is always shown the correct customer-specific price and stock at any given time.

  • Shows real-time prices, including tier, discounts, and units from ERP
  • Shows real-time stock information from ERP
  • Shows data product lists in real-time within 1.2 seconds

Integrate real-time B2B checkout with your ERP

Nothing is as complex as creating a good and simple checkout process. Think of credit checks, transport agreements, split order options, order references, delivery days, surcharges, and discounts. The Alumio B2B checkout supports it all and is also fully linked to your ERP environment so that your customer is never surprised with another unexpected price on the invoice.

Requesting real-time prices of articles in "the checkout cart" connects to a real-time "request" via your ERP. This is important because prices can differ from an order to the price of a single product, since in an order the other products of the order are known. In other words, the discount based on ‘composite products' or 2 orders of 1 category or brand can result in an undecided free item being triggered. In this order, shipping costs are also calculated by the ERP and shown in real-time.

Administration costs, deposits, removal costs of products based on the order information are calculated by the ERP and shown in real-time on your eCommerce platform’s "Checkout Cart".

Customer-specific payment options are displayed in real-time based on ERP logic (the customer may pay via "on account" or only via ideal / credit card).

Real-time stock information is displayed live from ERP information in the eCommerce environment.

  • Shows real-time prices, including tier, discounts, and units from ERP
  • Shows real-time stock information from ERP
  • Shows data product lists fast in real-time, within 1.2 seconds

Customer-specific order lists

Pre-order lists help increase greater order value and frequency. They are created by customers themselves or can be automatically generated by your ERP environment. Think of a fixed purchase list for the summer and winter, or a list of parts for a machine that the customer has. Using our customer-specific order list feature ensures that the customer is always shown the correct real-time price and stock, with customer-specific order lists loading almost instantly. This results in increased ease-of-use, greater ordering frequency and higher-order value!


This feature helps arrange the Approval Process for B2B customers. It automates and organizes ordering and approval processes by giving customers various order rights and limits. It also gives employees various roles with purchasing limits within Magento. Your customer’s main buyer determines which employee gets which rights and the module automates these rights, as well as the process behind this so that you receive the order successfully!

By helping your customers with their purchasing process, you help add value to the customer-supplier relationship and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Limited orders per customer
  • Approval process for customers with restricted rights
  • Notification process to "main customer" to approve orders

Digital invoicing

Through real-time integrations with your ERP, Alumio ensures that your customers always have the latest data available with its Digital Invoicing feature. All separate deliveries of different orders will be visible to your customer.

  • Shows a real-time overview of the shipments (separate shipment package slips) of logged-in customers from ERP, including detailed rules shipment
  • Extensive search options that allow customers to search within shipments by date using order number or product.
  • Shows all shipments that are known within the ERP

Sales support login

This sales support feature allows employees to log in together with the customer and help them navigate and order in real-time. This helps increase customer satisfaction and the number of customers who order online.

By default, Magento only offers 1 account per customer. Alumio’s Sales Support Login makes it possible to create multiple accounts under the same debtor number. Or to give one point-of-contact access to multiple accounts (a main buyer who purchases for multiple BVs).

  • Companies can have their employees (users) under 1 account.
  • Customers can create their own employee accounts to grant more employees access to your eCommerce ordering portals
  • Multiple rights and roles can be assigned to employees and they can log in to see their assigned rights
  • Companies can be linked to holding or to inter-company relations.

Integrate with your ERP with B2B order insights

Through real-time integrations, Alumio ensures that your customers always have the latest data available. Whether the order is placed by telephone, email or via the webshop, the moment the order enters the ERP system, it immediately shows as available online.

This module receives real-time data of orders in the ERP package from the connector. The data that the module receives and processes consists of both order-related information (which product will be delivered in, what quantity, when will it arrive), as well as the order header data, such as order number, date and order costs, as well as shipping and order costs.

  • Shows real-time overview of all order data of logged-in customers from the ERP. Including order status
  • Shows order status per product line of the order, so that back-order information is reflected
  • Extensive search options for customers, so that customers can search within "Orders" by date from order number or product.
  • Shows all orders, including offline (orders entered by office staff or EDI)

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