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Rapidly connect with the B2B capabilities of Adobe Commerce

with the Alumio Adobe Commerce
- Magento Connector!
Companies that integrate with Adobe Commerce (Magento) using Alumio

3 reasons to use the Alumio connector to integrate
Adobe Commerce - Magento B2B modules!

Visual of a shopping cart including gear visuals, representing the various types of data involved in the online shopping process - referring to their need to be translated and integrated for smooth shopping experiences.

1. Quick ordering

Swiftly order larger quantities of products at once, based on real-time stock info.

Visualization of a gender non-specific person and a golden star, showcasing positive customer reviews, made visual to the viewer via stars.

2. Customer-specific features

Get customer-specific, real-time prices, stock, and order lists for B2B buyers.

Image of two 3D rendered hands of two people puzzling together two big pieces of a puzzle. This visual represents B2B integrations and data exchange since for B2B integrations to work multiple hands and puzzle pieces aka software solutions need to be cooperatively connected.

3. Add-on B2B integrations

Optionally integrate additional modules like EDI, Sales App. Marketplace, and more.

How can B2B businesses benefit from the
Alumio Adobe Commerce - Magento connector?

The B2B market is digitalizing rapidly, customers demand access to real-time invoice and delivery data, the ability to import orders via XML or CSV files, access to useful B2B real-time web services, and more.
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Connect Adobe Commerce
in less than a few weeks!

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Enable seamless e-commerce
to ERP integrations.

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Centralize all B2B data
on one integration platform.

Explore all the Adobe Commerce - Magento B2B modules
that the Alumio connector helps integrate!


Arrange the approval
process for B2B customers.

Provide customers with various order rights and limits.

Assign employees various roles with purchasing limits.

The "Main customer" gets to approve all orders.

products & stock

Show B2B partners customer-specific products.

This allows customers to experience a filtered experience where they only see relevant products.

Customers are shown the correct customer-specific price and stock.

Customer order lists load in a few seconds.

order lists

Get pre-order lists created by your customer or generated by your ERP.

Enable customers to build fixed order lists, increasing their ordering frequency and encouraging higher-order value!

Show real-time price and stock changes.

B2B order insights
via ERP

Build a real-time ERP integration for real-time order insights.

Get a real-time overview of all order data of logged-in customers including order status.

See order status per product line of the order, reflecting back-order information.

Give customers extensive search options within “Orders": by date, order number”, or product.

Real-time B2B
checkout via ERP

This includes credit checks, transport agreements, split order options, order references, delivery days, surcharges, and discounts.

Request real-time price info in "the checkout cart" via your ERP.

Shipping costs are also calculated by the ERP in real-time.

Admin costs, deposits, removal costs of products based on the order info are calculated by the ERP.

Customer-specific B2B prices & stock via ERP

Build a real-time ERP integration for price & stock.

Shows real-time stock info and prices, including tier, discounts, and units from your ERP.

Shows data product lists in real-time within a few seconds.

Avoid manually copying complex price agreements and discounts to Adobe Commerce. Automate it!

Quick ordering

Enabling B2B customers to order large quantities of products at once.

Order by entering the item number and desired quantities, or by simply uploading .CSV or .XLS files.

Adjust order quantities based on real-time product and stock info.

Digital invoicing

Get a real-time shipping delivery and digital invoice overview.

Get real-time shipment overviews of logged-in customers from ERP.

Explore all shipments within the ERP with extensive options to search by date, order number or product.

Sales support log-in

Allows employees to log in along with the customer and help them place orders.

Adobe Commerce offers only 1 account per customer by default. This module helps create multiple accounts under the same debtor number.

Give one point-of-contact access to multiple accounts (a main buyer who purchases for multiple BVs).

B2B delivery insights

This module ensures that your customers always have the latest data available.

All separate deliveries of different orders will all be visible to your customer.

Alumio ensures your customers will always have the latest data available.

Realtime shipping
history overview

Ensures all your customers have the current data available of all their past purchases.

Monitor the shipment history and transits of all orders.

Get delivery insights, identifying and addressing potential inefficiencies in shipping processes.

That’s not all!

Explore additional Alumio modules to enhance Adobe Commerce B2B capabilities.

Great add-on integrations to connect
Adobe Commerce with using Alumio!

A 2D icon of EDI itnegrations
EDI integration
A 2D icon of an OCI punchout in an Alumio background colored circle.
OCI punchout
A 2D icon of a Sales App
Sales App
A 2D icon of a scan app in an Alumio background colored circle
Scan App
A 2D icon of Barcode printing
Barcode Stickers
A 2D icon of customer matching
Customer Range
A 2D icon of Quotations and processes in an Alumio colored circle
Quotations & Process
A 2D icon of Alumio colored background including a white icon of a marketplace.
An image of Mio, the mascot of Alumio, pointing at something important to the right, from out of a white circular frame.

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