Alumio for Agencies and System Integrators

Alumio offers a ‘best-in-class’ software integration solution for system integrators, agencies, and engineers. The iPaaS transforms scattered, coded solutions to a secure and manageable IT landscape. Offer the Alumio iPaaS within the default service fees, without needing to apply additional sales effort.

Built for Teams

Based on the powerful and trusted Symfony framework, Alumio offers a scalable core with the ability to write custom configuration and add-ons using PHP and the Symfony framework.

Our API-led (headless) approach gives our users a swiftly responding user interface. The agency edition can be connected to the internal development process.

Seamlessly and effortlessly integrate via user interface

360° logging and monitoring features

Symfony and Elastic Stack backbone

GDPR ready

Symfony based iPaaS

A joy for all developers

No-code integrations
Create the majority of the no-code integrations via the user-friendly interface and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Connect legacy software
Possibility to connect to Oracle, IBM, REST, and SOAP.

‍Work with known Symfony technology to tackle potential edge cases

Junior developers
Create the majority of the integrations using visual tooling and do all of the support to resolve problems.

Agency integration toolkit

Integrations are complex, don't reinvent the wheel

Alumio's Agency Edition is a single-tenant hosted solution and can be used as an iPaaS for:

  • All of your integrations
  • Multiple customers
  • No limitations on endpoints, data routes, etc.

Customers profit from faster development as existing integration templates can be used. Integrations will have automatic logging as well as 360 monitoring features, so customers will get notifications when problems occur.

Web services

With an extensive set of web services support, Alumio integrates with thousands of systems. It's capabilities offers out-of-the-box integration, mapping and transformation tools together with a powerful software development kit (SDK). Build, maintain and grow your IT landscape without the cost of an Enterprise Service Bus.

Whether it's connecting via REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, Databases, or FTP, Alumio platform gives you the services you need to connect your systems.


Built for scalability

Imagine a single-tenant, cost-friendly cloud solution from which you can quickly start integrating systems, including the ability to let you scale horizontally and roll out your integrations on a global scale. Alumio offers these capabilities, eliminating any potential obstacles in your ambitions to grow.

Troubleshoot and manage deployments easily

Monitor all data streams using a single interface to uncover hidden dependencies

and decrease time to resolution.

Stop using custom code

Don't create a tangled IT landscape

  • Data silos.
    A lot of custom code or so-called plugin connections result in having data silos.
  • Hard to monitor.
    Custom solutions have different levels of monitoring, which results in notification problems when issues occur.
  • Negative business impact.
    when problems occur. Problems are hard to resolve and are not being notified. This results in losing orders, angry customers, and ultimately a big negative business impact.
  • Not secure and compliant.
    Having complex integrations is not helping to be compliant with privacy regulations nor to prove a secure IT landscape.
  • Future-dead. 
    In this nightmare of integrations, it is not possible to add and connect new software to existing software without having a long and expensive IT project.

Start advising a future-proof solution

Alumio's IT landscape

  • Win more deals.
    Clients do not like custom code but they do like predictable cost and quick to market solutions.
  • Happy clients.
    Always on top of problems with Alumio's monitoring and notifications cockpit.
  • Independency senior developers.
    Juniors can create 90% of the integrations without help of seniors. Your seniors can focus on the architecture consulting and coding the hard custom stuff.
  • Strategic Partner.
    Help clients with a future-proof integration strategy that is ready for AI and Machine Learning software.
  • Easily connect legacy software.
    Possibilities to connect to old school, legacy software without getting headaches.

Get happier clients

By offering a monitoring cockpit

With Alumio’s user-friendly interface, customers get 360 logging and monitoring features.

"Get notifications when issues occur."

The dashboard shows where the hiccup exactly is, so it can be solved in no time!

Be more scalable

Let junior developers build integrations

By using Alumio’s iPaaS software, even junior developers and project managers can do mappings of the integrations.

"Senior developers are happier and productive."

Now, senior engineers and architects can delegate completing the integrations to their team and focus on the most complex part.

Become a strategic partner

Help customers to become future-proof

Create a winning proposition by offering a solution that helps customers to get rid of the data silo's; to have a future-proof integration solution that is ready for AI and Machine Learning.

  • Advice future-proof IT eco-system
  • Digitize customers by using EDI
  • Ready for AI
Integration system-software

Kickstart the project

Win more deals by pre-built templates

By using the integration templates of Alumio, it is possible to easily connect any ERP. Enter the Microsoft and SAP domain by using Alumio's native connectors, helping clients with digitalizing more rapidly.

  • Quick time to market
  • Create and use connector templates
  • Win more deals

Dedicated solution

Use Alumio for all integrations

Alumio offers a special edition for system integrators, agencies, and engineers. Learn more about the benefits for architects, engineers, managers, and c-level.

  • Multiple customers
  • All of their integrations
  • No limitations on endpoints, data routes, etc.


Together we succeed

Happy customers and developers

"We started using Alumio a couple of years ago because we had problems giving support to all of our existing integrations. When there were problems, our developers needed a lot of time to locate them. In most cases, they had to seek help from the senior developers. Now, as we are using Alumio, those troubles are ancient history. Resulting in happy customers, support- and developers!"

Web Whales

Great partnership

"In the partnership between our company and Alumio, Alumio did the integrations and we carried out all the web design and web development based on our Shopware expertise. Our collaboration with Alumio has been successful from the first moment we started our partnership. We delivered over 6 complex Magento and Shopware integrations within the initial year of working with Alumio. Now, we use the Alumio toolbox ourselves. Our team is able to create complex integrations themselves. We are very fond of using Alumio. Together we combine our e-commerce strengths and Alumio's iPaaS to help our customers succeed digitally."

We Provide

Winning more and more deals

"When we started to incorporate the middleware integration solution of Alumio into our services and advice to our customers, a couple of things happened; we won more deals because we now offered a better solution than our competitors, and we could bring a lower total cost of ownership to our customers because of the certainty the native connectors bring. The native plugins for SAP and Microsoft have helped us win multiple deals. We now have proven stories and cases that we use in our sales deck. The Alumio team has really helped our new business team in the delivery of pitches and closure of deals."


Alumio's Agency & SI's

Integration Toolkit Edition

Curious to find out what Alumio can offer your business?