A next-gen iPaaS for digital agencies & SIs

Develop, govern, and orchestrate limitless system integrations for all your customers, from one low-code, cloud-native ”Integration Platform as a Service”(iPaaS).

Build highly customizable system integrations with our API-driven solution!


low-code integrations

Integrate multiple systems, SaaS, cloud apps, and data sources, without custom code, across on-premises and cloud environments.


data governarnce

Control all your customer integrations, expanding client base, and increasing data volumes on one scalable cloud-native platform.


Sammansatt handel

Leverage our cloud-native platform’s microservices technology to flexibly interchange integrations with evolving business needs.

Save development costs

Automate processes

Eliminera datasilos

Build fast, flexible, and scalable integrations

Implement Alumio connectors

Choose from a rich library of connectors or pre-configured integrations to build faster integrations with popular software.

Transform data flexibly

Use advanced Alumio mappers and transformers to flexibly modify data and build highly customized integrations.

Automatisera arbetsflöden

Build complex workflows to automate business processes, between all integrated systems and applications.

Enable data synchronization

Get real-time data exchange across all your connected systems, avoid data errors, and increase overall efficiency.

Here’s why digital agencies
prefer our integration solutions

“Before using Alumio, half our developer's time was wasted on 'bootstrapping' integrations. Alumio supports everything out of the box, allowing us to spend time on business logic. The UI of Alumio allows easy access to integrations and makes it easy to see what's happening with the data within an integration.”

Floris S.

Teknisk konsult inom e-handel

”I think the great stability and flexibility of a platform like Alumio is a great benefit, which is getting increasingly important for every e-commerce developer.”

Johan Moormann


Become an
Alumio Partner!

Join our global partner network of agencies and system integrators, and get rewarded at every new level of your partnership with us.

Get personalized demos, training, and company specializations.

Access our ever-growing library of marketing resources.

Receive consultancy and direct sales support.

Govern secure and future-proof commerce ecosystems

Ensure data security

Our platform adheres to the latest security standards and provides caching capabilities, data buffering, and reactivation procedures.

Ensure privacy and compliance

Ensure your customers comply with data privacy legislations like GDPR, SOC2, CCPA, FERPA, HIPAA, and more.

Get automated monitoring and logging

Detect integration errors, API conflicts, and data inconsistencies in real-time with alerts.

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