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Untangle your IT ecosystem with an iPaaS

Build integrations within a future-proof IT ecosystem that can accommodate rapid growth and change!

News Flash! Did you know that most modern companies attempting to digitalize their business processes are ending up with a common dietary problem? It’s called - ‘IT spaghetti’

Never heard of IT spaghetti? Sounds too pre-Pasta-rous to be true? But, not knowing about it is exactly how most businesses are contracting it. Here’s how it occurs:

To digitalize and automate business processes, all modern companies have to integrate multiple software solutions such as e-commerce, PIM, CRM, POS, WMS, Marketing and more. However, the more software solutions or apps businesses integrate - on a project-to-project basis, using custom code and without a scalable IT infrastructure - the more entangled these connections start to get.  

How do these unsuspecting software integrations turn into fully entangled IT ecosystems, riddled with several 1:1 software integrations and messy crisscrossing data flows? All we reveal for now is that due to the entangled imagery it evokes, such IT ecosystems are more tastefully referred to as - IT Spaghetti.  

To dig into the full story, download this fun and pasta-pun-filled whitepaper, to untangle how:

Attempting digital transformation without an integration solution is a recipe for disaster (called IT Spaghetti).

It takes 3 phases of point-to-point software integrations to help slow-cook a business' IT spaghetti.

The Alumio iPaaS saves businesses the time to enjoy actual spaghetti while untangling the IT spaghetti for them.

Hungry for the full story? Download it now and like the popular modern-day saying goes “Eat spaghetti, to forgetti your regretti”!

Buon appetito!

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