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Top 10 Integration Solutions that an iPaaS Provides

Discover the origins and essential business benefits of this next-gen middleware solution

What is an iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service)? What are the integration solutions/middleware that came before it? And, what makes the iPaaS a future-proof solution for connecting software, cloud apps, and data? Discover this next-gen integration solution!

System integrations have rapidly evolved over the recent years, from the start of EDI integrations in the 1970s, to the first ERP integrations and the introduction of middleware ESB solutions in the 90s, all the way to the advent of the cloud and API-lead revolution in the recent years. During this complex evolution, there have been many types of overlapping data integration solutions and middleware solutions that have emerged, leading up to the iPaaS.

Thus, in order to explore what makes the iPaaS an integration solution for providing future-proof connectivity to business across industries, this white paper provides a detailed overview of:

✓ A brief history on how integration solutions have evolved over the years

✓ ESB vs SaaS vs iPaaS middleware solutions

✓ How does the iPaaS incorporate different types of middleware

✓ What are the most commonly integrated systems

✓ The top 10 integration solutions that an iPaaS provides

✓ A checklist for why businesses choose an iPaaS solution

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