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Top Shopify review apps for 2023

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July 30, 2023

In the competitive world of e-commerce, customer reviews have become a vital aspect of building trust, credibility, and driving conversions. The Shopify platform offers a wide range of Shopify apps. To simplify your search, we have compiled a list of the top Shopify review apps for 2023. Whether you're an experienced online retailer, a digital entrepreneur, or an integration specialist, these apps will empower you to gather, manage, and showcase customer reviews effectively.

Loox: Collect photo reviews and build social proof

Loox is a feature-rich review app that enables you to collect photo reviews from your customers. With its seamless integration, you can automatically request reviews from satisfied buyers, display them with captivating photo galleries, and encourage prospective customers to make confident purchasing decisions. Showcase the visual impact of your products through authentic customer experiences.

Stamped.io: Generate and showcase authentic customer feedback

Stamped.io is an extensive review platform that offers a wide range of features to help you generate and display customer reviews. From collecting ratings and feedback to integrating with social media, Stamped.io allows you to leverage user-generated content to build trust and boost sales. Gain valuable insights from verified buyers and highlight their experiences with your brand.

Fera.ai: Create urgency and social proof for increased conversions

Fera.ai specializes in social proof and urgency marketing. It provides various tools, including review displays, countdown timers, and personalized product recommendations, to create a sense of urgency and encourage conversions. With Fera.ai, you can effectively highlight customer reviews and increase buyer confidence. Leverage the power of scarcity and social validation to drive sales.

Judge.me: Review collection and enhance visibility

Judge.me is a user-friendly review app that enables you to gather and showcase product reviews with ease. It offers advanced customization options, such as review widgets and customizable email requests, allowing you to tailor the review experience to match your brand.Judge.me also supports rich snippets, helping to improve your stores visibility in search engine results. Boost your online reputation and attract more organic traffic.

Yotpo: Amplify your brand with user-generated content

Yotpo is an all-inclusive review and user-generated content platform that empowers businesses to leverage the power of customer feedback. It provides robust review management tools, social integration, and the ability to showcase reviews on-site and off-site. With Yotpo, you can harness the voice of your customers and enhance your brand reputation. Encourage customer advocacy and drive engagement through authentic user-generated content.

Ali Reviews: Streamlined reviews for Shopify dropshipping stores

Ali Reviews is a review app specifically designed for Shopify dropshipping stores. It enables you to import reviews fromAliExpress directly to your product pages, saving you time and effort. With its automation features, you can streamline the review collection process and build social proof for your dropshipping business. Build trust with your customers and increase sales with authentic product feedback.

Photo reviews and testimonials: Engage customers with visual feedback

Customer Testimonials Showcase allows you to collect photo reviews and testimonials from your customers. By showcasing visual feedback alongside text reviews, you can create a compelling and trustworthy shopping experience. The app offers customizable display options and automated review request emails to simplify the review management process. Spark customer engagement and build social proof with authentic visuals.

Rivyo: Gather, manage, and showcase customer reviews seamlessly

Rivyo is a user-friendly review app that enables you to gather, manage, and showcase customer reviews seamlessly. It offers features like review reminders, rich snippets, and customizable review forms. With Rivyo, you can streamline the review collection process and leverage customer feedback to build trust and drive conversions. Engage with your customers and strengthen your online reputation.

Opinew: Import and display reviews from multiple sources

Opinew is a versatile review app that allows you to import and display reviews from multiple sources, including AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay. It offers customization options to match your store branding and provides tools to automate the review collection process. Showcase reviews from various platforms and establish credibility with your potential customers.

Enorm photo reviews: Highlight customer experiences with visual content

Enorm Photo Reviews specializes in photo reviews and offers a visually appealing way to showcase customer experiences. With its intuitive interface, you can easily collect photo reviews, manage them effectively, and display them in an engaging gallery format. Create a compelling shopping experience and instill confidence in your potential buyers.


Each of these Shopify apps brings unique features and benefits to help you leverage customer feedback and drive business growth. Choose the app that best aligns with your goals, customer base, and brand identity. Empower your e-commerce store with the power of customer reviews and gain a competitive edge in the online marketplace.

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