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KiyOh connector template

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May 13, 2020

At Alumio we are always looking for ways to improve and expand our platform. One of those ways is through offering a set of standard integrations that can be used to connect popular systems out of the box. We are proud to announce the availability of our latest connector template which can be used to connect KiyOh.

KiyOh allows merchants to collect user-generated content by sending review requests to customers. This service works by synchronizing orders placed within Magento. The orders are synchronized using a module, which sends the relevant order data to KiyOh as soon as the order is placed. Choosing this method of synchronization carries some risk because something may go wrong resulting in a faulty order, or a never-send review request.

Instead of connecting the two systems using a module, merchants are encouraged to use the API to make these kinds of transactions. An API can be seen as a contract between two parties, in which agreements are made about how and where data from the platform can be accessed. Alumio utilizes these contracts to move data across these applications.

This standard connector of Alumio uses these APIs, or contracts, to make sure that all data moves from Magento to KiyOh in a safe, proper and timely manner. Our connectors are comprehensively tested by a specialized testing company. This way you are ensured that you never lose an opportunity to engage your customers in promoting your brand.

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