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Alumio and ShopCtrl integration

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May 13, 2020

Alumio and ShopCtrl Integration

The Alumio integration platform can be used to set up swift and seamlessly integrations between different systems as quickly as possible. As such, Alumio offens an extensive integration between ShopCtrl omni channel management system and any other SaaS or cloud app to grow digital commerce. ShopCtrl provides high quality, cost-effective, mission-critical back-office management for webshops.

About ShopCtrl

ShopCtrl is built by a talented, passionate team. ShopCtrl teams consist of hard workers, and develop ground-breaking, award-winning software with one objective in mind – to help retailers increase their sales.

ShopCtrl is an e-commerce retail software that helps you sell more, through any retail destination, surprise your customers and conquer administration. Product content optimization, listings, order management, inventory management, billing, shipping integrations and customer messaging. All in one place. For any size of business, large or small.

Clients currently using ShopCtrl with succes are: The Sting, Stelps, Medisol, and more.

Provided Services

Customer Support

  • Shopctrl's customer service and engagement platform is powerful and flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any business. The ShopCtrl platform is where the action is. Customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel you can imagine, all come together in one place.

Order Management

  • ShopCtrl syncs every order from each of your sales channels into one, easy-to-manage platform. View, edit, print and take complete control of your order management process without overselling or ever missing an order again.


  • ShopCtrl's integrated accounting has been built with retailers in mind and connects with the rest of your business, preventing a disconnect between systems or from accounting software holding you back. Partners are Stripe, Adyen, Paypal and more.

Inventory control

  • ShopCtrl's flexible inventory management has all of the features you need to stay in control of your inventory and make fast, effective business decisions. Ultimately, with ShopCtrl, you will be able to redistribute your staff towards growth strategies and reduce the time spent on costly admin overheads.


  • Reduce your workload, save valuable time and take control of your E-commerce business, with ShopCtrl's automated Shipping Management Software for multi-channel sellers. Partners include: DHL connect, DPD connect, Postnl connect, UPS and many more

Product Management

  • ShopCtrl's Product Management Software makes it simple to manage any number of products across multiple sales channels. It is simple enough for small teams to use and powerful enough to support limitless growth.


  • Reporting in ShopCtrl provides a window into your entire retail business in a single screen. Analyse every sales channel, forecast more accurately than ever and make more informed decisions through high-level insights - all from one platform.


  • Efficient workflows and processes are essential for businesses to scale effectively, keep up with customer demand and reduce costs. Automatic order creation, fulfillment, invoicing, purchasing, accounting and email marketing are all ways that merchants can confidently and easily automate their business.

Why Alumio?

As an alternative to using the traditional way of connecting systems, using a module or a custom-made integration, merchants can choose to connect the systems by using Alumio. Alumio has a standardized connection that uses the API of both applications. The advantage of the API is that it is available within ShopCtrl by default. No development or additional actions are required, which results in faster time-to-market and subtle data integration by Alumio.

Another clear advantage of using one of our standard connectors is the fact that our connectors are comprehensively tested by a specialized testing company. This way you are ensured that you never lose an opportunity to engage your customers in promoting your brand.

The Combined Power of ShopCtrl & Alumio

Merchants have the tremendous opportunity to choose from a wide range of services from ShopCtrl. Services that are of vital importance to run a merchant’s business and to stay competitive. Services tend to use similar data that needs to be synced in order to offer an optimal business process. Alumio offers standardized API integrations and a robust data integration platform to handle complex integrations. With the combination of ShopCtrl services and Alumio, clients can remain flexible while profiting of standardized solutions.

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