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Being part of the Alumio Partner Program makes that growth exponential across all the areas that matter. From individual employee training and company specializations to an ever-expanding library of marketing resources and sales materials, your company will grow with Alumio.

Alumio Partner types

Alumio provides consulting and engineering to help with your integration projects. We help you sell, market, and give demos to leads, with transparent pricing for our solution suite and direct support from our sales teams.

Associate Partner

Become a winning agency now as an Alumio Partner. Refer your leads, enjoy access to our knowledge base, support in workshops and pitches. Benefit from our integration templates and native connectors.

Refer your leads
We'll run your project
Focus on your business

Solution Partner

Go to the next level with Alumio iPaaS. Mutual lead strategy, enjoy access to our knowledge base and core development team and benefit from predefined integration templates, native connectors and our software development kit.

Mutual lead strategy
You run the project
Expand your business

Customer Stories

Together we succeed

Seamless integration with Magento

Alumio gives us the ability to develop an integrated e-commerce platform that’s even better, faster, more flexible and more reliable. With Alumio we were able deeply integrate our custom ERP. A very flexible robust connection between systems makes Jac Hensen online much more agile for the future. We can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for Alumio and Magento.

Jos Pieters
CTO, Jac Hensen

Great partnership

Our collaboration with Alumio has been successful from the first moment we started our partnership. Together we combine our e-commerce strengths and Alumio's iPaaS to help our customers succeed digitally.

Frank Houtappels
CEO, We Provide

Scaling our multichannel business

Our company has evolved from a traditional retailer to a multichannel eCommerce leader. We’ve rapidly grown to one of Europe’s largest outdoor and leisure stores. The Alumio integration platform gave us the ability to replatform and scale our business, reaching our high ambitions. We’re very pleased to have this solution in place to gear up for the future.

Wil Salden
Head of eCommerce, Obelink

Why become an Alumio Partner?

Alumio offers an integration platform and solution for the eCommerce market based of the new wave of iPaaS integrated software solutions. Alumio is designed to provide today’s businesses with the ability to integrate their processes simply, with a scalable solution that can be used to grow as you grow. Our ambition is to become a key player in the digital economy with a dedication for solving the various challenges that businesses face when it comes to integrations.
With more than 10 years of experience in creating integrated software solutions, we’ve developed Alumio as a long-term solution for your business.

Fast Integration and reduce cost

Reduce TTM and reduce total cost of integrations

Expand your business

Take advantage of pre-built API connections: 100+

Training & Official Certification

Be recognized as Alumio Partner and expert/developer

Access to the
Core Team

Get fast and direct access to the core team of Alumio

Joint Marketing Campaings

Work together to promote Alumio and your brand

Be a Winning Agency

Implement integrations with ease and be ready for AI

Become a Winning Agency with the new wave of iPaaS