H1 Bolsters E-commerce with the Alumio Integration Platform

H1 Bolsters E-commerce with the Alumio Integration Platform

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Experts in: digital commerce
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H1 Bolsters E-commerce with the Alumio Integration Platform


H1 has been in the business for more than ten years and is highly skilled in designing, implementing, optimizing, and maintaining B2C and B2B as online marketplaces and webshops. H1 mainly works with Shopware and PrestaShop. They are a Shopware business partner and gold PrestaShop partner.  

H1 is an e-commerce development agency from the Netherlands that has expanded its services with Alumio. H1 works with big corporates, inspiring SME, and innovative startups. With growth hacking, they aim to make businesses market leaders in their segment, which is only possible while working together with a driven team.    


Your webshop needs a unique design, and it has to be responsive when it's viewed on mobile, tablet, and laptop. It shouldn't have to matter which device you use; the website has to change to the user and offer the same functionality. The big trend today is that more customers are ordering from their mobile phones.  

H1 gives you that unique and responsive design for your webshop and specializes in Shopware and PrestaShop.

About Alumio

Alumio offers an integration platform and solution for the eCommerce market based on the new wave of iPaaS integrated software solutions. Alumio is designed to provide today’s businesses with the ability to integrate their processes simply, with a scalable solution that can be used to grow as you grow. Our ambition is to become a key player in the digital economy with a dedication for solving the various challenges that businesses face when it comes to integrations.

With more than ten years of experience in creating integrated software solutions, we’ve developed Alumio as a long-term solution for your business. Along with our clients in eCommerce, retail, manufacturing, finance, and wholesale, we help companies achieve their full potential.

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