Fresh Dynamics Joins Alumio for Future-Proof ERP Integrations

Fresh Dynamics Joins Alumio for Future-Proof ERP Integrations

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Fresh Dynamics

Fresh Dynamics


Fresh Dynamics Joins Alumio for Future-Proof ERP Integrations

Fresh Dynamics

Fresh Dynamics is the partner that guides you through the implementations and optimizations. Since 2008 Fresh Dynamics is helping companies with implementing software and guiding them in a personal way. Fresh Dynamics experienced teams focus on increasing your business results.  

An experienced and professional team for your IT-solutions.  


To hit your business goals, Fresh Dynamics uses Microsoft Technology and Microsoft Dynamics 365FO. For businesses guided by Fresh Dynamics, they have developed specific functionalities for Microsoft Dynamics 365FO. Fresh Dynamics doesn’t only focus on their software but also retail-manufacturing companies, furthermore they support distributors and industrials.  

Fresh Dynamics experienced teams are built on software specialists' expertise to ensure that software is installed in the right way at the right time in your organization. The client is number 1, and Fresh Dynamics delivers the best quality possible with a short and personal communication line.

About Alumio

Alumio offers an integration platform and solution for the eCommerce market based on the new wave of iPaaS integrated software solutions. Alumio is designed to provide today’s businesses with the ability to integrate their processes simply, with a scalable solution that can be used to grow as you grow. Our ambition is to become a key player in the digital economy with a dedication for solving the various challenges that businesses face when it comes to integrations.

With more than ten years of experience in creating integrated software solutions, we’ve developed Alumio as a long-term solution for your business. Along with our clients in eCommerce, retail, manufacturing, finance, and wholesale, we help companies achieve their full potential.

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