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What are the Alumio enablement packages?

Written by
Carla Hetherington
Published on
March 25, 2024

With the start of 2024, we released the Alumio Enablement Packages, a new type of support service that helps Alumio users understand our platform better and provides them with personalized knowledge based on their specific integration requirements. In this interview, Mălina Lăzărescu, an Alumio developer at Memo, explains what Enablement Packages are, how they work, and their benefits for Alumio customers. With a strong background as a PHP developer, Mălina is an integration specialist who develops Alumio routes for customers and supports them throughout their integration journey. Let’s hear from her!

Since your work involves Enablement Packages, could you explain what they are?

Integration Enablement Packages are a service Alumio provides that equips users with the essential skills needed to carry out integration projects. These packages offer a set number of support hours to use as needed within the first three months of an Alumio license. Essentially, with the Integration Enablement Packages, Alumio users can accelerate their team's learning curve with customized training and hands-on support to focus on areas most relevant to their needs.

What services are included in the Enablement Packages?

The services included in an Enablement Package are customized training sessions designed to suit a specific team's level and objectives, covering both basic and advanced integration techniques with the Alumio platform; expert guidance, strategic advice, best practices, and industry insights from Alumio integration experts meant to improve users' integration process; and hands-on consultation where users can directly engage with Alumio specialists on their first integrations for practical experience and feedback.

How do Enablement Packages work?

Learning new software can be challenging, even for the experienced developer. Enablement Packages are meant to help Alumio users understand how the software and platform work and how to create the logic they want. As such, we do everything alongside the client: we do the development, and, at the same time, we explain to them what we are doing and why. This is, in my opinion, better than watching tutorials on YouTube because that might be time-consuming and often confusing since they can't ask questions and get an answer right then and there. In this way, users explain to us what they want to do, and afterward, we start working on that specific thing immediately during the onboarding sessions.

What are the benefits of Enablement Packages for Alumio users?

All in all, it's a very useful service that ensures Alumio users maximize their integration potential from the start and expedite their learning process in acquiring valuable knowledge that will accompany them throughout their integration journey. From getting expert insights into integration methodologies to industry best practices to receiving personalized support from Alumio experts, Enablement Packages equip users with all the necessary skills to reach their integration goals in a short period of time. In my opinion, the best part about Enablement Packages is the tailored support users receive since they can freely decide how to use these hours, focusing on particular issues, training, or a mix of both.

As an Alumio developer, what would you say is the platform's best feature?

In my opinion, it's difficult to choose just one since there are many features that make Alumio special. However, one of the main features that stood out to me when I began developing with Alumio was the intuitive visual interface, which makes everything much clearer and easier to understand.

Also, compared to traditional programming methods, Alumio accelerates development processes exponentially. Take, for instance, the creation of routes—a task that could be exceedingly time-consuming with conventional programming. However, within Alumio's ecosystem, the complexities of routing are seamlessly handled behind the scenes, allowing developers to swiftly configure routes with ease and confidence.

Additionally, Alumio's utilization of reusable environment variables further exemplifies its time-saving prowess. Data duplication is mitigated by enabling the reuse of variables across multiple transformers, resulting in smoother execution and enhanced performance. This optimization not only expedites development but also fosters a more streamlined and sustainable integration environment.

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