Shopware 6 & Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX integrated solution

With real-time connection between your Microsoft Dynamics system and Shopware 6

Why Alumio is more effective

The German giant and rising star Shopware recently launched their entirely new platform Shopware 6. We offer a plug & play, off-the-shelf standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX e-commerce connector for Shopware, which contains more than 22 well-documented and configurable interfaces, through our data interface, required for an effective digital solution. Our data integration interface delivers you unlimited possibilities.

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A native 365 FO/AX E-commerce solution creates a symbioses between Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX and the connector.

Our solution saves times and increases efficiency at both sides.

Key benefits

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Shopware 6 & Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX integrated solution

Key Benefits

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Built for scalability

Imagine a single tenant, cost friendly cloud solution from which you can quickly start integrating systems, including the ability to let you scale horizontally and roll out your integrations on a global scale. Alumio offers these capabilities, eliminating any potential pitfalls in your ambitions to grow.

Key Benefits

Future-Proof Solution

Alumio is purposely-built for the cloud. Data is exchanged between applications, databases, files, social networks and big data sources. Alumio's headless dashboard is delivered as a web tool.

Alumio's Core Principles

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All-in-one Integration Suite

How we integrate with Dynamics 365 FO/AX

Alumio is a fast, multi-point, and modern integration platform as a service, built to elastically address both real-time application and batch-oriented data integration requirements.

100% Data insight

100% Performance & Insights

Control your data. We give you the tools to have a 360 degree view of your IT Landscape. No custom tailored code but with customization possibilities.

Easily collect all your data sources and visualize them in one place.

Automate Workflows

Customize your flow & api’s yourself

Alumio offers you a Design Studio, which is a web browser based collaborative environment for IT staff and business analysts to create your own data mappings, manage data transformers, triggers, routes, workflows and tasks.

Connect to any software

Connect to any point, no limitations

Alumio provides a normalized entity of your data so you can seamlessly connects to any tool. As new data entities becomes available, Alumio can add them for future scaling and connectivity purposes

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Time to market  5 - 10 days?

What would be a typical time to market with the Microsoft Dynamics AX connector? It will take 5 to 10 days to install and configure the Dynamics connector and connect it to Shopware. So within 10 days you will have a PoC (proof of concept) where your Microsoft Dynamics is running in combination with Shopware Open Source or Commerce (Cloud). Plus the realization time of the webshop and customizations on the connector side if custom modules are affecting the Plug & Play processes/ functions. If you have features or processes beyond the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/ AX connector it is possible to adapt the connector to support them. This will however increase the Time-to-market.

What specifications are needed in order to implement the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO & AX connector to e-commerce?

The Shopware Dynamics Connector can be implemented in Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) or Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as a 2009 XPO; a 2012 model or deployable package into your Dynamics 365 FO application. The connector work on both versions of Shopware (1.x and 2.x) as well as both the community and commerce versions.

Pre-requisites; What are the minimal system requirements for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations/ Magento Dynamics AX integration to work?

The Shopware Dynamics Connector can be implemented in Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) or Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as a 2009 XPO; a 2012 model or deployable package into your Dynamics 365 FO application. The connector work on both versions of Shopware (1.x and 2.x) as well as both the community and commerce versions.

Do we need other plugins for the Microsoft Dynamics AX connector to work?

In the basis, no you do not. However if you are using the Shopware e-commerce platform we also provide a set of Shopware ERP optimized modules that integrate fully with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/ AX connector.

Does the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/ AX adapter support promotions on the webshop?

Yes and no. “Yes” it’s possible to setup promotions if Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O or AX accepts prices from the e-commerce platform and does not recalculate them again. “No” if you want a B2B environment setup, since then you mostly have all kind of price condition ruling setup in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O/ AX itself. However we just need to look at the process. Where you want to store which data. Our adapter supports all situations, but it’s a matter of defining the clear process and data entry points.

Is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations/ AX Connector capable of retrieving customer specific prices in realtime?

Yes, the Shopware Dynamics connector is capable of that. So it retrieves customer specific prices on a realtime basis, within 1.2 seconds of time, the results will be presented in the product listing, product detail or basket.

Which data sets/ entities does Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO / Axapta / AX connect?

The Shopware Dynamics 365 FO/ AX Connector has 22 standard ‘plug and play’ interface web services. The web services are made to exchange the data between Shopware and Dynamics 365 F&O. AX. Our fully two-way integration connects the following data entities. These are configured through the delivery interface which allows you to configure and map these objects to the correct ERP. The connector contains more the 22 well documented interfaces required for a successful B2B and B2C e-commerce platform. But above all, the connector also delivers an e-commerce cockpit within the AX environment. In this cockpit users can monitor webshop transactions and processes De 22 web services which are delivered in plug & play connector and can be configured in the interface are;

1. GetCategories
2. GetDeliveryDays
3. GetQuote
4. GetQuoteOverview
5. GetInvoice
6. GetInvoiceOverview
7. GetDeliveries
8. GetDeliveriesOverview
9. GetOrder
10. GetOrderOverview
11. SetCustomerAddresses
12. GetCustomerAddresses
13. GetCustomers
14. GetMyLists
15. GetMyProducts
16. GetOrderSimulation
17. GetPriceAndStock
18. GetProducts
19. SetContact
20. SetCustomer
21. SetOrder
22. SetOrderPayment

There are also additional web services available as add-ons; some of the optional web services are: GetDocument, GetContract, GetQuoteoverview or SetQuote.
To receive more insights and details about the web services, please contact us!

Why do you need a realtime Magento, WooCommerce and Shopware & Dynamics 365 FO or AX integration?

Realtime Dynamics 365 FO/ AX e-commerce integration makes it easy for your buyers. If you’re integrating Dynamics 365 FO or AX to the e-commerce software Shopware, you more or less have 3 basic options for solution architecture. A. Connect Batch-based B. Realtime one to one connection C. Realtime by an Integration Interface

What kind of solution to choose?

True Dynamics 365 FO or AX e-commerce integration with Shopware requires direct, realtime interfacing with Dynamics AX (365 for Finance and Operations) when doing B2B business or when wanting a sales or self service portal. Batch connections are not advised cause of the fact that they duplicate logic, cannot handle realtime customer specific prices for product listing and cannot handle realtime information in the checkout proces (such as transport data, costs, handling cost, VAT or basket discounts). Realtime integrations one to one, or in combination with an integration interface are both options which can do the job. The benefit of a ‘Integration Interface’ versus the option “realtime one to one’ is: Data can be send to third party software as well Data can be customised, transformed though the interface of the platform Data can be merged to data from other sources before connecting it to Shopware Data can be send to a PIM system easily Data issues (data quality) can be handled by the features of the interface An integration interface is have a monitoring cockpit, so performance of integration can be monitored The integration interface has features to create tasks and workflows to notify people when flows are failing, or to activate tasks to deal with data inconsistency Our way to go is to connect Microsoft Dynamics through a native connector in combination with an Integration Interface. The solution we offers does the job in one package. Please contact us!

With this Dynamics AX-integrated e-commerce solution (like this 365 FO/ AX Commerce solution), you give a B2C experience as they feel on Amazon to your customers.

That means full self service for every step of the journey: Browsing integrated to Dynamics AX, 365 for Finance and Operations Purchasing integrated to Dynamics AX, 365 for Finance and Operations 100% error-free orders posted to Dynamics AX, 365 for Finance and Operations Payments integrated to Dynamics AX, 365 for Finance and Operations Account management integrated to Dynamics AX, 365 for Finance and Operations

Can I use the Connector to connect my PIM, Warehouse or other applications?

Yes, because the connector is using the Integration Interface, the data can also be connected to other datasources and software applications. To PIM software applications as PimCore, Akeneo, as well as to several WMS systems there are ‘integration templates’ available, so integrating is simple.

What if a web service is failing or not responding?

The Integration Interface will deliver a cockpit where all the services are 24/7 monitored. The task & workflow features can be configured to restart processes, to notify customers or employees and to make sure the critical processes will be working. The solution is also helping you to find the error due logging all input, actions and output. All logs and messages will be saved in the logging system in order to find, trace and reproduce the problem.

Is it secure and compliance with ISO?

To ensure the security of your data the following securities are in place: A. The connecting ends between the webshop Shopware and Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO or AX are secured using HTTPS and a handshake between the two systems using Username and Password combination over a TLS secured communication channel. B. If you want to secure it even further you can setup a VPN connection between the two systems. To ensure data integrity even further both the e-commerce Shopware side and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO or AX side are defensively coded verifying input against the OWASP top 10 standard.

When the webshop is live, do I need to resynchronise the entire item assortment file each time?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations or Axapta (AX) will create an export of the complete assortment that needs to be available on the webshop. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/ AX Connector and the Shopware modules will determine which data needs to be updated within Shopware (in case the stack is not using a PIM or MDM system). Ensuring the Shopware product library is always up to date.

Is it necessary to make changes to Microsoft Dynamics AX (Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations) in order to have Connector work?

No the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/ AX connector is installed as a plugin into the system. In order for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/ AX connector to work the only thing needed is a bit of configuration and setup in the connector plugin itself. You need to setup things like web address of the webshop front end, logging paths, username and password information and more. Further more there are some additional screens introduced into Microsoft Dynamics AX. These screens will help you setup:

A. Contacts that can login to Shopware
B. Up sell and Cross sell products
C. Basic connector configuration
D. Payment handling
E. And more

To receive more insights about the installations proces, please contact us!

Does the Microsoft Dynamics 365 or AX connector make changes to the configuration of Dynamics?

No the Microsoft Dynamics connector adds configuration to your setup, but will not alter any existing configuration.

Do I need a programmer/developer in order to implement theConnector in Microsoft Dynamics AX 365 for Finance & Operations?  Do I need to hire a Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant or can we install the connector ourselves?

If you have an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O or AX administrator or developer in house you can install the connector by yourself. If you do not have a really experienced administrator or developer in house we can provide one for you that will help you setup the connector.

What type of communication is used between my webshop and the Microsoft Dynamics AX connector?

The communication used is SOAP 1.2. If required this can easily be changed for an extra fee.

How does an implementation project looks like? How much time will it take?

Implementation of the Connector software is easy and is done in a 1 or 2 hours, but other things should be done, like configuration of all the web services (please see the video / demo, which you can request here), the firewall & VPN connection should be configured. We start each project with a workshop where we will discuss all the business process in relation to the Shopware features. In each process our consultant will look into your Microsoft Dynamics application to see if there are customizations being made and if this will impact the plug & Play solution. If custom work is needed, this will be placed as a task in the backlog. After the workshop we have all the information to

A. Configure the options of the connector and
B. to make a good estimation if custom work is needed.

Can you tell me about the pricing?

What is the price of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Shopware connector? For pricing information contact our sales consultant.

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